Top 10 RIDICULOUS Disc Golf Shots from the 2021 Dynamic Discs Open | Jomez Highlights


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage highlights of the MPO lead card at the 2021 Dynamic Discs Open.

    Players: Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Ben Callaway, Calvin Heimburg, Eagle McMahon, Chris Dickerson
    Tournament: 2021 Dynamic Discs Open
    Courses: Jones Gold | Emporia Country Club | Emporia, KS
    BigSexyBarri Commentary: Nate "Sexy" Sexton, Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    1. Leinad Segura

      i never played this but these all look easy or am I wrong.

    2. Børge Bendiksen (tezer)

      The last trow was pretty damn impressive.

    3. PJ Bassman

      The love of fans for Ricky at this tough time. Awesome. My vote for the best shot.

    4. HypnoTV

      Eagles roller was the best shot for sure. Impressive stuff.

    5. 999

      When do we get Olympic can jam with commentary?

    6. Leroy Carter

      Watching these guys and girls play you think (for a second) that because you have played frisbee before you could do it also and then you realise that what they are doing is as skillful as any other top sportsperson in any sport. Mind-blowing.

    7. Austin Coffman

      Eagle roller

    8. BNJ74D

      Règles COVID-19 ?????? 😆

      1. wodspy666

        Running through the crowd highfiving everyone. That indeed gave me the goosebumps, for the wrong reason..

    9. Doctor K Beauty

      used to play the ultimate in his but never even knew disc golf was a sport and I'm 40

    10. Exosphere90

      'Top 10'-edit feels unnecessary.

    11. Mel Nicholson

      Eagle's roller was the best shot. Ricky had the best celebration.

    12. vilkkuz

      Väinö mäkelä win him

    13. Jason Joseph

      Ricky’s island putt will be the highlight of 2021! Catches me in the feels every time I watch it.

    14. 6Axter6

      I only clicked on this video cause I couldn’t even figure out the title. Genuinely never seen this sport ever in my life.

    15. Robert Hunsinger

      We could all learn something from Ricky, have fun and be proud of yourself and your accomplishments even if you're in fourth place.

    16. Geraldo Martinez

      Paul Macbeth’s shot made my pecker tingle

    17. Allen Syx

      Ricky’s putt will go down in disc golf history. Such an amazing putt and amazing moment for him. Prayers to Rick and his family.

    18. Larkyn Lowery

      Ricky’s putt from the drop zone is my favorite

    19. Terry Low

      This channel is lit, keep up the great coverage and analysis.

    20. Alex Jones

      Why are these all of a sudden in my suggestions??

    21. Shelby Campbell

      Socki bombs putt over the water kinda gave everyone a great sense of joy knowing he did it for his sister above looking down in him!

    22. Brandon Alba

      Awesome! I also remember a huge death putt by Calvin to save his par. Def honorable mention

    23. Michael Boyack

      I swear that Paul makes a 35+ foot putt to start his round on like all the recent Jomez coverages

    24. H20_INTOLERANT

      Is there any chance you guys will ever film a long distance competition? Like golf. There's some online but the video quality stinks. Would love to see a skills competition some time. Someone needs to do this...

    25. Cowutopia

      Didn't Callaway have a really long throw in on a hole? I was expecting that one.

    26. Kohl Packingham

      Just started watching it and I know #1 is gonna be RIcky. That drop zone putt was bonkers.

    27. Alex Baisch

      Glorious putt, Wysocki

    28. Arkaitz

      El tiro de eagle de roller es mi voto brutalll

    29. Erik Brickarp

      Eagle's roller alone is worth a like. ... Well obviously Ricky's putt too... ... Well I guess everyone's is... How do I give this video 10 likes?!

    30. Mike Eickhoff

      Great number one. Rick needed all that love!!

    31. Natalya Peet

      Eagles roller

    32. unfiltered_ reaction

      Ricky,Eagle, Simon, Calvin skins match set it up.

    33. Dj Kirlin (SwannRonson)

      Huge shout out to Ricky on that drop zone throw in with the crowd run but Eagle's roller is the best throw of the season so far. I dont think people really understand the degree of difficulty on that shot. And he made the putt.

    34. mscudde2


    35. Hairguy

      Macy Walker on the ladys side had some spectacular putts

    36. Xhalonick

      Music is obnoxious, wish it was a little quieter or not there at all. That being said, great coverage

    37. T-Bull9989

      That Eagle Roller was incredible!

      1. James Hammond


    38. Bob Blunt

      Ricky’s putt and seeing the outpouring of love and excitement for him! That putter floated on an Angel’s Wing across the water.

    39. Mike Baker

      That roller was the sickest one of em all.

    40. Samuel Barton

      Seeing the fan's reaction to Ricky's putt from the drop zone brought back memories of what disc golf was like before the pandemic. It is great to see the sport getting back to normal!

      1. James Hammond

        Its so much better with spectators

    41. Andrew James

      Eagles roller is probably the most impressive. But Ricky’s putt has to take the cake considering the circumstances

    42. Brandon Terry

      Sentimentally Ricky's putt was definitely #1, but I think Eagle is the only person in the world that would even attempt that roller, let alone park it....

    43. kg2254

      Eagles roller was the best shot I've ever seen

    44. Philip Shane

      Nate, "that grass is Kansas-ey"

    45. John Jones

      Ricky!!! We

    46. Hayley Reagin

      Do a flashback match play of rickys putt on hole 16, round 4! Lol

    47. John Raburn

      That was awesome! your coverage keeps getting better. Thank you

    48. its_Evers

      With everything going on watching Ricky drop it in from the drop zone and running too it made me tear up a little haha

    49. Luke Robertson

      I fell like every one was on their best putt game game

      1. Luke Robertson

        Just ignore the last word

    50. Bridgman Bros Disc Golf

      Eagles roller is truly incredible

    51. Kristoffersson Disc Golf


    52. Blake Hohlbein

      We should call the wedge under the coozie a coaster. 💯🔥

    53. Josh Warner

      Livin that ricky bobby life. Sockibomb destroyed that basket from drop zone.

    54. Jim Plattes

      Circle 3. THAT was special!

    55. roranru

      I like the top 10 format better than just highlights

    56. Robert Mayes

      Ricky's putt on #16 hands down made my hair stand up and I'm bald! Favorite of the tournament possibly, definitely for this top ten!

    57. Sam Kludt

      Anyone know the song that was used?

    58. simo sipila

      I mean not taking anything away about how good rickys Putt was but Eagles park Job on The par 4 i think was much More impressive

    59. Aidan Perron

      Love the top 10 videos. Keep it up jomez!

    60. prattacaster

      Can't beat Ricky's hole 16 par save.

    61. explosive821

      That was bad azzzz!


      Callaway has really impressed me this season. Such a great player and so dialed. Looking forward to great things from this guy.


      @jomezPro Don't ever change your intro jingle. Whenever I hear it I get PSYCHED as I already know Its gonna be a treat to my eyes.

    64. Josh

      Ricky's drop zone shot is the shot of the year hands down. Not just because of the awesome shot, but because of the crowd, the situation & the emotion. It's everything that's right about sports.

    65. plyzwthsqrlz

      Paul may have won the event but Ricky was the star

    66. Dana Lawton

      All of these sensational putts were not "jump putts". Ricky's putt was a falling put as well as Dickerson's. These guys are able to putt well over 50 feet without jumping and are extremely accurate. Is "jump putting" overrated?

    67. DJ Hosfelt

      Ricky! Ricky! Ricky!

    68. JordanakaPaul

      Ricks throw in was iconic. Best moment of the tournament. So rewatchable!

    69. Brian Dulli

      Love Ricky ❤️

    70. Jay Santos

      The Eagle roller was insane

    71. Olong Johnson

      enjoyed the editing!

    72. PhilGeissler

      My favorite is Number 2, Eagle's drive was creative and mind-blowing! Ricky's number 1 got my favorite putt!

    73. DiscGolfHunter

      Ricky high fiving through the crowd brings me to tears every time.

    74. Bailey Brown

      I can listen to Jerm say "with the wedge under the coozie" for hours, no joke.

    75. Joe Burns

      Given his situation, I'm so happy for Ricky and how well he played. I got all choked up for him at that island putt.

    76. Paul Greiten

      Jomez always brightens your day. Thank you so much.

    77. Jack Squat

      That last one got me emotional as hell

    78. Eph Towne

      Ricky's shot is awesome.

    79. Cam G

      First 2 were wide open puts, weakkkk

    80. Brent W

      Bit of a shame for Heimburg to not win that with the shots he had. I just got my sub to DGN and was watching his shot that tucked under the basket and just slack jawwed.

    81. Muffinman012

      I don't have time to watch yet but I'll just go ahead and click that thumbs-up button.

    82. Thisnameisnottakenjk

      The Ricky shot is great and all, but it feels like 1st was sort of given to him out of pitty. Eagle's roller was BY FAR the best shot of the tournament. How many people could replicate that roller shot, as opposed to replicating a 60 foot putt....

      1. Sully0020

        It's not as much about difficulty as it is about the moment. You wouldn't say Michael Jordan's step back vs the Jazz was the most difficult of all time, but it's his most iconic given the circumstances around it.

    83. Peter Massey

      Ricky’s drop zone shot and ensuing celly gave me head to toe chills. What a champ

    84. Reality

      You know its a good shot when uli goes "EW"

    85. revpgesqredux

      The results of this tournament will forever be overshadowed by The marvelous tribute that was done for Ricky's sister, and will be known for that Circle 3 Putt and the eruption of love that followed 🥰

    86. Eliaxk xD

      My favorite shot was the croud

    87. David Beadle

      Jerm: Calvin is the best fairway driver thrower on the planet McBeth: 👀

      1. burkesc1

        He did preface hair for hair... 🤣

      2. Carl Meyer


    88. Michael Gadberry

      Holy crap they implemented my feedback! Love it! (disclaimer - I'm probably not the only that said it! But cool to feel heard!!)

      1. John Hall (Grokand)

        What was your feedback, Michael?

    89. Thomas A.


    90. Joseph “ccrunner05” Till

      They need to rename the Cloudbreaker to an Elementbreaker (earth, wind, air, grass, clouds)

    91. weirdman22

      I seriously get goosebumps every time I see Ricky make that putt. What a moment.

      1. Barry Mak

        If you weren't there, this video doesn't do it justice. The crowd went bonkers. It's something I will remember for the rest of my life.

      2. Kevin mcnamara

        I shed a tear watching that

    92. RReed

      Rickys shot from drop zone a well deserved #1

    93. Andrew Prez

      I watched Dickerson's putt on 18 live on the broadcast and I knew if he made it I would be knocked down to chase card... And I knew in my gut he'd make it. Insane putt.

      1. JP

        That's pretty cool dude

      2. Spencer Schmidt

        I can't imagine the reaction you had.

      3. John Hall (Grokand)

        Andrew, I think it's cool that you just made that comment. There aren't many sports that allow fans access to top pros like diac golf does. You played a really good tournament, and seemed like you got jammed up after a couple of unlucky shots. Keep working, young man!

    94. Daniel Lentz

      Ricky for sure that was such an emotional putt. God bless the Wysocki fam.

    95. Chadrick Hill

      Dude. That high-five tunnel makes me cry every time I watch it

    96. Lance Beckman

      How do you spell overrated? Jomez

    97. Matthew Barker

      Eagle’s roller was nasty!

    98. McKay Christensen

      The guy in the back at 6:10 knew it was good well before anyone else😂😂

      1. AnthonyDutter

        Nah he definetly used telekinesis to make it happen 😏

    99. Tom Ahoks

      Eagle is the man.

    100. Rob

      As soon as I saw this video, I already knew that the drop-zone shot from RIcky was going to be #1. When I saw that go in my jaw hit the floor. That, along with the awesome celebration through the crowd, def one of the best moments I've seen in disc golf.