The 10 Most Impressive Shots from the 2021 Jonesboro Open | Jomez Disc Golf Highlights


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage highlights of the MPO lead card at the 2021 Jonesboro Open.

    Players: Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Garrett Gurthie, Thomas Gilbert, Ben Callaway, Calvin Heimburg
    Tournament: 2021 Jonesboro Open
    Course: Disc Side of Heaven | Jonesboro, AR
    BigBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling \u0026 Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    1. JomezPro

      What do y'all think of this new top 10 highlights format? Let us know! Also excited to be at the Dynamic Discs Open with fresh content coming all week! Check out the schedule at

      1. ForestCity Fishing

        Disc golf sucks. Too many a-holes who own the course. Sick of the local clubs who control everything, even though its a free course made by the city. Everyone around here hates our course and club.

      2. TPS177

        It's like you read my mind, i was just about to propose this kind of format to you. Please continue!

      3. David Harris

        @Johan Johansson I agree, was more incredible than Ben Callaway #1 throw in. Casey White's was my #1 shot (video on Gatekeeper Media)

      4. David Harris

        My favorite shot didn't make the top 10. Casey White's over the trees Tilt shot into the bucket, no chains.


        Wow this music is Much much much better music ! scrap that other new regular coverage and use the older music or this music!

    2. steven honeycutt

      What about Ricky's make from the drop zone? Can't remember the hole, think it was on the back 9 final round.

    3. Luke Saltman

      Do disc golfers ever use pine tar or something similar, and if so is it allowed in competition?

    4. Nicolai Janssen

      Did no 6 shit his pants ? Check him running to the toilet after his shot

    5. eivind roos


    6. Jade Smith

      Show us more #1's

    7. Matthew Wilson

      My favorite shots were the vaccination shots that I never got that allow me to not wear a mask anymore 😂

    8. John B

      Swing? Pretty sure he threw it...

    9. B K

      holy fuk they made this a thing lmao >,< with commentators even lol

    10. Ozi Ahmad

      Game apaan ni anjeng

    11. danigato2111

      Remember playing this on PS3 with my move control lol

    12. Will Barrett

      as a regular golf player hearing these casters call the short frisbee throws "putts" makes me think they're out of their minds

    13. Dekmar

      How did Calvin's drive on #18 Rd2 not make it in here????

    14. Matt Janor

      I think when people are 30 under par, you might want to revise what a par score is...

    15. GD GD

      LOOK AT THE GROUND ACTION SO GOOD WOW BEAUTIFUL SPIN Shit, running out of options.

    16. Mor Her

      White people sport

    17. QuesoTheKid

      *Calvin throws a hyzerflip* Big Germ: Calvin putting a little Anny on it. ????? Dude just says anything

    18. EckoEcho

      This is a sport?

    19. The Moon

      Me thinking I was watching Jomboy

    20. Louis Brandsmeier

      I didn't search for this.

    21. Ill Piip

      Bläh. Why is this on youtube? "The best R-worded 6 -yrs old throwing plastic"... C000000000000000ooooooool . Fk U!

    22. Ill Piip

      I played Frisbeegolf 2 decades and theese shots are not worthy a video.

    23. Joseph Badger

      This is really a sport? Why not.

    24. WMV Gaming

      This is really a sport? 🤣🤣

    25. Alex Destination Pêche

      Most borring video i've seen in FIblock.... 😓

    26. Stefano

      Didn’t know Frisbeegolf was a sport but cool 👍🏻

    27. Sye :

      Up until right now, I didn’t know this sport existed.

    28. fnpc_ggsbabyy stavros

      Never knew this was a sport

    29. Masters1250

      This is a thing?

    30. Sem

      ROFL disc golf... why are you suggesting this crap to me youtube

    31. marcus koko

      This has to be the most underwhelming and least impressive sport ever

    32. Jude Rapert

      i live in the neighborhood right by where this took place that’s crazy

    33. donald weigel

      Those that can’t golf.. disk golf..

    34. Henry Bowring-McDonough

      Well shit, I've never watched this sport before but I'm hooked now.

    35. bburg0025 69

      Quit showing the same shot over again. Just show the shots once. I guess you are trying to hype ur sport more than what it deserves.

    36. basp 2005

      It's funny to see them try to dress like golfers.

    37. Daytone Caliknight951

      I love the legit golf outfits to throw frisbees.. 🤣

    38. Megaknaak

      this is really fun to watch. Crazy stuff. Good Sport

    39. Stephen Smith

      Can't believe he said "wot a putt"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. kay2kid

      I don't know why this was recommended to me but I enjoyed it

      1. JomezPro

        Thanks for watching!

    41. Tristan Deniet

      Makes me wanna go play and remember that I suck

    42. RedRisotto

      It's not a sport if any given grandma can make the shot in three tries...

      1. RedRisotto

        @JomezPro You are very welcome!

      2. JomezPro

        Cool, now we know. Thanks for watching!

    43. Josiah Morris

      It’s a throw, not a swing. And pace? Haha, lay off the pretentiousness.

    44. Hunter Reeves

      Today on why the f is this in my recommended section...

    45. michael stamper

      what the fuck did i just watch when did they make whatever this is into a "sport"

    46. Joe Dirt

      frisbee golf is so lame!! 😂😂😂

    47. brandon “kngdub” HVAC/ANTS

      TBH i didn't think these were that impressive.

    48. Matter david

      Wtf even is this sport and why do people in the comments actually know the players in it.

    49. chayo28

      Loved Ricky FH hyzer shot to the pad!

    50. Arsalan abbasi

      I never knew this was a sport but looks more interesting then golf 😅

    51. Tom

      What the fuck did I just stumble across 😂😂 People actually play this a competitive sport 🤨

    52. SmokeGrass92

      Swing? Putt? Do these guys realise this isn’t actually golf

    53. Dale Meyer

      I should start watching this, wont battle to fall asleep anymore....

    54. Pomon60

      Do you have the right to throw it so that the disc is perpendicular to the ground ? I feel like it would be more precise in some case for "putting".


      I can't wait until Family Guy starts making jokes about this.


      1:34 Putting stroke? What putting stroke?

    57. Teddy W Gardner

      I know this is stupid, but I honestly hate how they use the word putt and shit, because the game of golf is entirely different from this,and their putts r strokes they are throws its annoying as a good golfer

    58. bultz

      is this florida? man you have no idea how much I wish I could go watch some live sport right now

    59. Oblivious Disaster01

      i never knew this existed... i’m not going to lie when i say it looks pretty stupid

    60. Lennon833

      Unreal can’t even start a video with an add

    61. Robin Hood

      Putt hahaha

    62. Ture H

      Where is Calvin’s hole 18 teeshot??

    63. Ben Batista

      God I wish I didn’t play this game

    64. Shawn Banman

      So anyone else think this is way more fun to watch than regular golf? Lol

    65. FunkenGruven

      I play amateur on courses don't follow a lot of this pro tour (which is really cool by the way). But, why are some of the baskets so high?

    66. Micah Webb

      what the fuck did i just watch

    67. Ginjabredman

      Now I've seen it all, frisbee golf... my god literally anything is a sport. Got to be the cheapest sport to be in too lol unless those frisbees cost thousands of dollars.

      1. WhatsY0UTUB3

        you can get discs for like $25 for a decent one. or 3 kinda shitty ones for $40. a lot of courses are free too. very cheap sport to play with friends

    68. Golden Ratio

      Edit: 10 most luckiest shots ever 😉👍

    69. thing

      My favorite was definitely the last shot. The body control really served to show how much of a professional he was, because even after a year of competing in this myself I know I would not be able to hit that shot.

    70. Zeke Sherrod

      "Top 10 Shots"... 5 Paul: 3 Ricky !

    71. Ryan B

      So refreshing seeing actual faces and not masks. Almost like it’s back to normal there.

    72. Sion Weeks


    73. Josh Ward

      I bet pro frisbee players get all the girls

    74. enteraqua

      @1:28 so is this a foot fault? Looks like he realized while in the air.

    75. david Rivera


    76. E E

      Loved the trajectory comparrison :) Greetings from Germany ^^

    77. Dominic Meehan

      2:42 did he run to the loo!?

    78. Kevin Freeman

      Paul's put from 60 feet after it rolled away was awesome. Definitely the best. Kevin from down under 🙂🌏

    79. Christopher Samuels

      Who made or where is that 10, 9, 8..., transition from? It's super cool.

    80. hey you

      Idk this sport very well but when he said putt I didn’t know what to think.

    81. Google Ads Award Winning Agency : Guttulus

      so basically golf.

      1. WhatsY0UTUB3

        well it is called disc golf

    82. Jack's Complete Lack of Suprise

      Every comment is about Ricky, Paul, Ben, etc. I'm just here finding out this is a sport I didn't know existed....

    83. Robin

      Why did this popup on my recommended. 😁 Im all for it though!

    84. Joe Rivera

      Could we ever be notified what the disc golfer is throwing as he throws the disc??

    85. Jacob Pringle

      Calvin Pettigrew Albatrossing hole 16 in his practice round.

    86. readme

      My #1 is Casey White's tilt throw in

    87. Eben Johnson

      number one was my favorite

    88. Kyle R.

      Paul so quick on that Par save. Doesn’t even think about it. Such a professional!!!

    89. David Harris

      My favorite was Casey White's tilt shot bucket with Zero Chains (Gatekeeper Media)

    90. Manny Amato

      Frisbee golf, as fun as watching regular golf....The new sport will be shoe tying.

    91. vyksi öyh

      am I only one but all of these are underwhelming as fuck

    92. Eric Singleton

      Such an unimpressive hobby.....

    93. Wolf •

      Dang wish I had that skill

    94. _

      love that thumbnail. So hard to tell whether it’s going in or not lol

    95. Drew Briar

      Give it to to Brian... this wouldn't exist...m So clean jomez, amassing

    96. Micho Rizo

      My favorite shot is the one Uli takes trying to sell us that bushnell dark arts machine. Uli keeps missing but he keeps at it, respect.

    97. Mike Strand

      Love the new format. Paul was clearly not happy putting that distance and purposely got that roll so he could sink it from ten feet further away.

    98. Steven Jones

      Wish there could be mixed media coverage because Casey's Tilt over the tree was money!

    99. Matt Nissen

      No Casey white? Spike hyper for two. Cmon man

    100. James Bauer

      I love Ben Callaway's style bring some nice professionalism to the game with some of the others like Paul. Really helps bring the game into spotlight with more professional sports media.