Greatest Disc Golf Round Ever? Paul McBeth Shoots 18 Down | 2018 Great Lakes Open, Round 2


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    Jomez Productions presents a solo cut of Paul McBeth's incredible 18-under par second round from the 2018 Great Lakes Open. This round has been called the "Greatest Round of Disc Golf Ever Played" by many and we are excited to get inside the mind of the McBeast himself for the legendary piece of Disc Golf history.

    Commentary by Paul McBeth \u0026 Jeremy Koling
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    1. Jake Cooper

      This must be the least diverse game in the world. Only stereotypical white American college kids. Why do you use golf terms like drive and putt? It's embarrassing. Just call it what it is! A frisbee and a throw.

    2. big chungus

      I just can't take it serious as hard as I try.. Just them using golf terms, "off the tee" grip it and rip it idk LOL.

    3. Balanceiskey1993

      21:30 he nails every handshake too

    4. Toenail Tom

      Today's courses with par 4's and 5's are misleading. "Back in my day" every course was par 54

    5. Toenail Tom

      Mitch Mac shot an -18 in June Then came to our tourney in July and shot a -16 way back in 94

    6. ODentertainment

      can someone explain how it's a -18 when his score at the end read -28?

      1. TheDurtyLemur

        A round of disc golf is the same as traditional golf, 18 holes. They play 2 rounds in league usually different days, which is 36 all together. So the first day he got 11 under par and the second day he got 18 under which is technically a perfect second round. First time it's happened at pro level. They add all the scores at the end of the tourney.

    7. Jade Smith

      Poor man's golf 🤦

    8. Caleb Mays

      Still the best round ever. Despite the rating

    9. Borris The Brave

      Greatest of all time

    10. Ben Small

      I watched this video this morning and then went out this afternoon and tried to mimic Paul's calm focus - not trying to do too much. I love what he says about staying in the moment, just playing against yourself, and just trying to make the next best shot. I ended up shooting my best round ever! my (-1) is a far cry from his (-18) but at my level, going around and putting together a long string of pars is pretty darn satisfying. On hole 18 I had to drain a long put to save par, and said to myself - Paul would drill it in the center... and I did! Inspirational! what a fun game! (next time out I might be 10 over, but sometimes it all comes together, and it feels magical!)

    11. Black Arrakis

      It's weird they use the same terminology as golf...

      1. TheDurtyLemur

        Why is that weird? It's pretty much golf just with discs? Just about the same concept.

    12. T H

      That was amazing! Thx. Kelowna 🇨🇦

    13. Disc Dfs

      Nico looking over his shoulder at Mc's putt as he walks away so he can give him a cheer when he makes it. Cool, bro! 19:03

    14. Derek Broekhoven

      "Shooting the course record at 11 under" Paul: that's cute

    15. gothard5

      Why is there a par 4 that is longer than a par 5? Par 3 longer than a par 4? I don't get these pars here.

    16. Thomas Ferguson

      I originally saw this video not too long after it came out while I was just bored and surfing FIblock. I’d never watched any disc golf before in my life. Now, I love to play disc golf whenever I can and I watch Jomez’s coverage of every tournament. Thank you Jomez for introducing me to such a great sport!

    17. jerkkub

      Tiger Woods of disc golf

    18. Avon G

      Disc golf is so weird. Even with the big money i'm still struggling to take this seriously, but for whatever reason i'm strangely drawn to it.

      1. TheDurtyLemur

        Why is it hard to take seriously? Because you think they are throwing regular frisbees? And frisbees are geared toward children? These discs fly nothing like frisbees. Different weights, shapes, sizes, flight paths's actually a very in depth and technical sport. I love many sports but most traditional sports are easy to play but mastering is hard, non-traditional are hard to play and even harder to master.

    19. Masca Trails

      Saw his other -18 round before I saw this one... Feels like this one was even more emotional and dialed

    20. Patrick Foster

      This was so amazing to watch :) I'm confused about the video title, though. It says 18 down, but he obviously shot 29 down. Is there something I'm missing, or did they just mis-title the video?

      1. Patrick Foster

        @Mkwii Knud Ha, I'm an idiot lol.. thanks, I get it now :)

      2. Mkwii Knud

        It’s the points from the previous round

    21. Trevor Piazzon

      This has got to be like the 6th time I’ve watched this video. Immaculate vibes

    22. Marshall Gill

      Paul needs to hire a fashion designer! That shirt is not an appropriate color for a hetero male. Just sayin'

    23. augenbutter

      Now I'm wondering what other sports haven't I heard of let alone watched before. Is there obstacle showering?

    24. uta07maybe

      Im usually a par or bogey player but Im always hammered for some reason by hole 6 and then it becomes just chuck it as hard as you can and yeah I stop counting score after that.

    25. Kevinism A way of life

      I don’t play this game. I don’t watch this game, but I watched the whole thing. What a great round.

    26. 『ΔIMΔN LR』

      Basically the "Tiger Wood" of Disc Golf

      1. Comrade Rob


    27. leilani

      who else is watching this for a school assaignment

      1. Comrade Rob

        WHAT what school do you go to i wish i went there so bad LMFAO this is my hobby i would love to do an assignment on it

    28. Hayden Cheever

      Its tradition to watch this every now and then

    29. Kalyn Griffin

      I like the part when he made that tough putt

    30. Evan Walley

      Just came from Paige Pierces victory on this course. Interesting to see how different players play the courses.

    31. Horny Step Mom - Videos

      Yo that production is straight fuego

    32. Ben Zook

      11:26 just annoys me lol

    33. Uriel's Disc Golf


    34. Eric Sjöberg

      The round was amazing but the commentary is epic. Thank you Big Jerm and Paul!

    35. The Cynic

      By far the best ever played. And not on an easy course. It has it all. Distance trees tunnels super long birdies up hills down hills. And on top of that Niko and feld playing top notch games of their lives. I wish he was still with inova. Way better plastic.

      1. The Cynic

        @James like I said better plastic. I've been out of disc golf for 8 years and I switched to latitude 64. The last year I played. Fun story. I played a round with niko when he was 16 at a par 3 course. He played the whole course with four wizards birdied every hole four times. His uncles owns gateway. Why gateway never tried to make great disc baffles me. He makes courses and a great putter. Their other disc are atrocious. I'm from stl.

      2. James

        Why do you feel Innova's better?

    36. A.W Mitchell

      Is this stupid shit still popular 😆

    37. Jeff Fraser

      I've watched this at least 20 times. Never gets old. What a round.

    38. pc m

      I prefer regular golf. But, I tried throwing those discs and now I appreciate how hard it is to get distance let alone accuracy. I also like that the course doesn't tear up the land.

    39. Kelly Jensen

      what course was that on. I might be able to go there

    40. David James

      Amazing. Congrats.

    41. Bruce

      18 under! 😮 Well he'll never shoot that *again*

    42. Nathaniel Dravis

      Anyone else think he looked like hitler in th thumbnail? Btw I am high

    43. I Dunno

      Truly inspiring. Be the best!

    44. Adam H

      As someone who is new to the sport (I've currently played 5 rounds total)... when he was asked, what the, "...historical significance" means to him he said, "It means that other people can do it too." This meant a lot to me .

    45. Cole crank

      I’ll watch this again, sure

    46. Panhandle Pirate


    47. Disc Review

      I was hesitant to watch disc golf on FIblock but the production quality I’ve found from JoMez is top notch. It’s difficult to find a style that works in a sport where the winning formula hasn’t been established. It’s been nailed by JoMez with disc golf. Congrats

    48. T W

      holy shit!! i've never watched any of this before, dude you are amazing i had no idea shots like this were even possible with a frisbee.

    49. Dante Hudson

      My lord! Great round boss!

    50. Ace Ggkspade

      Is it just Bc real golf is so much harder, and enjoyed by so much more that it has the big money? Or are these guys as good as real pros? I have my opinion, what’s others?

    51. SS dipping sauce

      Wait they play par 4's and 5's? 🙄 That's absurd, every thing in disc golf is a par 3! No wonder he's 18 under par 🙄

      1. TheDurtyLemur

        Their par 4 and 5 holes are like with uphill and valleys etc. Don't know what course you play on but pro course holes are massive

    52. Denzza

      Nice driver and putter they use! hey its just a arm throwing :/


      Disk golf is like golf but More chill.

    54. Sky Atlas

      You can't do the "BigSexy, BigBarri" with Paul McBeth or McDonalds will be suing you. "BigMac on the commentary"

    55. Cheddar Cheese

      This is ridiculous rip off golf with frisbees 😂😂😂

    56. Duno Da Ting

      I’ve never seen this. It’s sick!!!

    57. Trey Simonson

      Dude he’s so crazy that’s a really hard course. And also why are some of the cages so high?

    58. sleibl9

      Tiger, Tiger. Paul McBeth y'all. Wow, phenomenal.

    59. Benjamin Andre

      I really wish the golf community was as laid back and cool as disk golf. Kids rolling down the hill on the preview was hilarious.

    60. chris miller

      Watching him makes me realize how terrible I am at disc if I didn’t realize enough while playing. I’d be happy if I could just throw the damn disc straight.

    61. peter boyd

      cueing up rewatch number 32. Great Monday motivation for me.

    62. Jon Walters

      whats up with the intro? Isnt that simons intro?

    63. cpnpmp94

      There shouldn’t be a question mark next to the title. This is the greatest round of disc golf ever played. Period. Even Paul admits that this -18 is infinitely better than his other “perfect,” round.

    64. Bill Hicks

      Anybody know where this course is? Or its name ?

    65. C

      This round is even more epic because Paul got 1 eagle and 1 par, makes it more interesting. Awesome.

    66. Cody Pike

      I always get goosebumps on 18, man this video will never get old

    67. Conor Shaw

      GOAT best round ever

    68. Grey Hutton

      That last putt has to be one of the best moments in sports.

    69. Andrew

      Yo who's here after watching Eagle win DLGO 2020????

    70. hellocollegejason198

      The dream of every player

    71. Paul Coover

      Sick round. Paul can you do it at blue lake. Wactch you there another sick round at the worlds 2015. Throw an 18 under on that coarse

    72. E66S

      Production so fine

    73. myke dacook

      Everytime I watch this I'm amazed. McBeast is a monster. I thought my -5 was a good score here. I live about 45 min away from toboggan. Love that place. Come play Stoney Creek next time up here like a hour awayfrom there. Also we have a few private courses you should check out... michigan is on the rise in disc golf. Attison Oaks , Kensington, willow monster just to name a few great tough courses

      1. micah_lee

        -5 is a really really good score. Paul Mcbeth shot it today! Lol

    74. matt raivio

      Oh wow the skill is unreal! The mans an athletic specimen! Can you guys do a video on the best rubber ball bouncer next?

      1. JomezPro

        Thanks for watching Matt! Come back this weekend for more new videos!

    75. Van Damage

      18 was a foot fault wtf

      1. Mark Plymale

        Nope outside circle 1

      2. Manny

        When you’re outside 10 meters (marked by the white flags) you can jump putt meaning you don’t have to establish that balance you see within the circle.

    76. Tommy Sköld

      Just finished my fourth or fifth view of this and I gotta say. It´s still awesome...

    77. Infinity Productions

      I've shot 19 under On the Wii 😂😂😂

    78. TL Tilley

      The fact that some of these are par 3s just pisses me off bc Itd take me 6 to get. Meanwhile Paul birdies them.

    79. John “Japes”

      disc golf isn't a sport. real golf is barely one and i play real golf

    80. David Stafford

      Anyone know what putter he was using?

      1. Ryan Vanderburg

        McPro Aviar

    81. Michael Morrison

      Amazing to think that Frisbees started thanks to Marty Mcfly saving Dr Emmitt Brown from being shot and killed by Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen in the year 1885.

    82. ibbjamin

      He would probably beat me by 40-50 strokes a round on a course that challenging and I played my first round in 1996. When you are easing up on 400ft shots, that’s a good problem to have.

    83. Anchored Kings Screen Printing

      McBeast! That was so awesome!

    84. Justin Finch

      fucking tiger woods of DG

    85. _

      EDIT: Today I learned PDGA ratings are based on all the competitors' scores, and not by the quality of the round itself. The following info is still pretty interesting. PDGA says this round was rated 1108. 3rd highest rated round of all time. #2 belongs to Schusterick at 1111. #1 belongs to Climo at 1117. Sadly, neither of the top two rounds have any footage. However, you can see the round Schusterick played after his historic one (same course) here

    86. Zach Bray

      I'm the next Paul mcbeth

    87. Brendon “Salty dog” Johnson

      Tiger McBeth!!!

    88. N1GHTHAVVK 31

      Im 20 minutes from this course. Wish it was open year round

    89. Kadin Brabender

      He was very close to a 19 under too

    90. Phil B

      The "are you human" thing was a little much.

    91. fvpbz54

      Need the ESPN commentary with the Macbeth quotes. "Fair is foul, foul is fair, hover through fog and filthy air"

    92. Richard Petzoldt

      That whole sensational round coming down to was it a 50-60 foot putt for the 18 down. To step up and make that was astounding.

    93. KenL


    94. J D

      Definition of today's professional... and then +?

      1. J D

        For real... hope to see Paul play in the Cincy, OH tri-state soon.

    95. Ethan. Milavsky

      anyone else think the guy sounds like John krasinski?

    96. Michael Yahner

      playing tomorrow if anyone wants to join🍕

    97. Stephen Williams

      We'll be back to historic moments in no time. Can't wait to see you all back out on the course.

    98. Smelly King

      I shot my first 1 under yesterday and was ecstatic and this dude out here throwing 20 plus under. Sheesh!

    99. RepoTheNon

      i just played disk gold for the first time and i can barely life my right arm up

      1. Spencer G

        Hahaha. Yeah, you gotta stretch.

    100. Disc Golf Hayden

      Me being happy getting a negative 3 at my local course. Paul Mcbeth *Laughs hysterically*