2021 Portland Open | FINALF9 LEAD | Lizotte, McMahon, Jones, Wysocki | Jomez


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's final round at the 2021 Portland Open.

    Card: Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Kevin Jones, Ricky Wysocki
    Course: Glendoveer Disc Golf Course | Portland, OR
    BigSexyBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Nate "Sexy" Sexton, \u0026 Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    Front 9 Chapters
    00:00 Start
    06:31 HOLE 2
    10:40 HOLE 3
    14:20 HOLE 4
    17:55 HOLE 5
    21:51 HOLE 6
    26:09 HOLE 7
    31:49 HOLE 8
    35:21 HOLE 9

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    1. Andy Talkington

      The Short Sleeve Boys

    2. mmpj twod

      lol, all these city boys with yards that aren't 550' long

    3. DirtyDan


    4. Dustin Jackson

      Can y'all put a LPF on Jerm's microphone? It would reduce the s ts sh and ch that are pretty harsh for headphone listeners. Or just roll down the 8 to 9k on his eq? They are articulate and great speakers but the preset on sound and Mic proximity clearly boosts that. I love the work you do and the sound/coverage/commentary is superb otherwise.

    5. Adam Royer

      Nikki locastro for commentary one time?

      1. mmpj twod

        WOW! Thanks.

    6. Itsneight

      Minus Simon, you wont find a more arrogant bunch of DG players anywhere. Replace Simon with Locastro and its a done deal. Chase card was WAYYYY more fun to watch.

    7. crashvidz

      Golfed here seems like forever.. Nice to recognize the course knowing just how far it really is when playing ball golf.. Really hope they open it up for public playing disc golf here,, id pay for a pass to play if offered..

    8. ifyouwereme

      Wow. What a card.

    9. Benjamin Rice

      Is that a voodoo doll on the green after Wysakis throw on hole 9 at 38:28?

    10. greenbub1

      I showed up for the disc golf, I stayed for the horticulture lesson.

    11. Ryan Goes Outside

      9:54 "Well he like, rips a floaty putt" 😂

    12. doliio volay

      I didn't even realize the 'Simon-reaction-cam' was something I missed so much! Instantly nostalgic!

    13. Tomi Figueroa

      Why does Ricky always have such a good crowd response?

    14. Kim Sørensen

      Love the Jerm Rick and Morty reference in the beginning. SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! Man got style!

    15. Rem C

      Yeah disc golf is cool, but you haven't smiled until a Kevin Jones smile has ever made you have a cheeky little grin

    16. Jori Karjalainen

      Anyone noticed Kev holding the sign at hole 7 😂

      1. doliio volay

        That wasn’t eagle rolling on the ground lol

    17. TheBrodudemanguy

      Any coarse that forces you to throw a roller on most holes is a made by a psychopath. Hands down worst coarse on the tour.

    18. David Anderson

      SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT omg i busted up laughing

    19. Justin McElhenie

      The Mike Jones reference during KJ's intro fell on deaf ears, and I'm sad about it.

    20. Billy Boy Disc Golf

      WOW! Thanks.

    21. Falco9589

      I love Kevin but he chokes so much

    22. TwOnEightt

      Please never change any of the intro music. I can't explain it but it gets me so excited for the coverage

    23. Doobiejimbob

      He said “who! Kevin Jones!!!” Bruh I lost it This made my day

    24. dscgfr777

      In the final round maybe set up a mando on hole 4 get em to go down the middle, or looks like the short tee you're forced to.

    25. flippeditude

      Anyone know what K. Jones throws rollers with?


      Crushboy crushboy

    27. Alexander Uber

      Eagle rolling down the hill 😂 heck yeah! Lol gotta have fun!

    28. aklevin

      Simon for most of this tournament threw exceptionally accurate upshots

    29. Robert Schuch

      Simons angle control is by far his biggest improvement since coming back. He spent some of his time off playing with Paul at his new course, and I believe he picked up a lot from Paul. Throwing far doesn’t always put you in the best position. I was already a big fan and I think it’s awesome to see him transition to shorter more accurate shots

    30. BoostedMK6

      That wasn’t eagle rolling on the ground lol

    31. John Peters

      ... I want Big Jerm's shirt

    32. Chett DeLong

      First time I've seen Eagles' eyes. I always thought he kind of had douchey vibes but I've changed my mind after seeing his eyes for the first time lol.

    33. Masca Trails

      Thanks for that chase card check-in!

    34. kramliker

      Sunlight is good for your eyes.

    35. FlurpsIxoye

      Kevin is also silly

    36. Henning G.

      Not gonna lie, I am a big fan of 80% Simon!

    37. Cody Galvin

      The most polite/encouraging card ever: Ricky Wysocki, James Conrad, Calvin Heimburg, and__________?

      1. Joseph Daniel


    38. Cody Galvin

      I like how nate started in the practice round by saying there's never wind here, then progressively it got windier and windier and he hasn't mentioned it since round 1 lol

    39. 8Ryanaugust

      Please choose NOT to have PragerU ads. It’s just well-produced political, divisive propaganda for right wing conspiracy theorists. Don’t let it ruin your coverage!

    40. Amy West

      Everyone who watches every Simon upload: "I believe that's a C-Line MD"

    41. 8Ryanaugust

      Big Jerm: where did you get that hat?! Is that you on it? You also have another one (orange?) with a basket on it that I’ve asked about so many times! Tell us where you get your hats!

    42. Avery Donoho

      big jerm knows so much about trees if he called one an alpaca featherbee id think it was a real tree

    43. Brett Moseley

      SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! “Best quote of the whole episode is on the 1st hole

    44. Samuli Laakkonen

      love the chase card check in. please keep doing it in the future

    45. _ Moses_

      The 1st tee announcer was so sick . He made me feel I was watching a WWE match.

    46. dumpy D

      17:03 if looks could kill Simon would have straight up murdered that basket.

    47. bogtrotter2step

      kind of a weird question, but does anyone know what brand of pants they're wearing? they looks stretchy and awesome and I want a pair haha

    48. brandon latham

      Hole 9 is literally over a quarter mile long. Let that sink in🙃

    49. Xur Agent of the 8

      Hey Whale Sacs, did you know that half the people on earth are female? No one cares that you're a "female owned business". Women are equal to men start acting like it

    50. Brad Lee

      bruh. might as well included what socks hes wearing in the into to like damn lol

    51. DJ Hines

      They really need to work on their MC’s at these pro tour events lol.

    52. Acasi-Kley De La Ramtin

      Dustin Keegan designs a masterful hole and everyone throws around it. What an abortion of a TD decision.

    53. Acasi-Kley De La Ramtin

      Oh and WTF isn’t hole for a double mando???

    54. Acasi-Kley De La Ramtin

      The skinny pants trend on this card is the only problem with this coverage. KJ.... bruh... nah.. eagle in skinny pants, ok... but like Rick is the only Man on the card. The rest look like little boys.

    55. Ryan Nylund

      Will glendoveer still be a dg course after the tournament

    56. ROYteous

      I'm actually going to try and watch most of the holes this time. The first two rounds I lost interest and mist 90% of them. Still gave you the views though, cause it's not your fault this is mostly a boring course.

    57. MondoSquad

      Little known fact, Eagle actually is a crime fighting superhero at night time. That explains his super human abilities. He's actually throwing at about 5% power when he goes 700ft. Also, he can change the shade of his glasses with a thought.

    58. Logan G’s

      If this is the future of disc golf, then I hope jomez starts putting out retro videos.

    59. Garrett White

      Petition to call 3 star frames in a row a celestial turkey

    60. Garey Tool

      I love the Rick and Morty “show us what you got” reference from Big Jerm at 2:24 🤣🤣🤣

    61. Robert Whittington

      Is that a sharingan on @eagle mcmahon's mutant!

    62. Philip Jones

      The most awake I’ve seen Kevin in a while.

    63. cyanideg

      What discs are they tossing for those rollers? on hole 8 ?

      1. cyanideg


    64. Walter Kolczynski

      Practice round: "There's almost no wind in Oregon" First round: "When there is wind in Oregon, it is steady and not gusty" Second round: "There's some wind and it's a bit gusty" Final round: "The wind is really swirling today" If there had been another round, it would've been in a full gale.

    65. AnEvilUnicorn

      Is eagle throwing a Sharingan Mutant disc??? Golden.

    66. Nate man

      Wait... so is Paul playing for fifth? or could he make a comeback?

    67. Frölfênüügen 4 Lyfe

      Does Uli smoke weed?

    68. Ero

      And after hole 5 Jeremy Koling already hints that Eagle is going to win the tourney. Haven’t even watched the B9 yet...

    69. Charles Cornwallis

      Someone get UIi some sleeves LOL

    70. noah vandeburgt

      Somone help me out what is the red disc that Simon is throwing on every approach

    71. That Guy

      20:14 does Eagle's disc have the print that I think it does?

      1. Jason Dailey

        I'm pretty sure it does. I've been wondering the same thing since earlier in the tournament.

    72. Rob

      I love how new Zealand casually shows up at the end of every jomez video right now

    73. steven page

      That disc rolling backwards on nine was cool.

    74. Craig MacEachern

      Big Jerm’s tree knowledge is on point. Always one of my favourite parts of the commentary

    75. Michael Jaks

      I remember a video in past (5-6 weeks) of Simon practicing with McBeast...they took each others style. When Simon skipped the low percentage shots, he was more efficient

    76. C C

      Simon new signature Putter called the Butterfly

    77. Sam1 2Know

      What happend to crush boyz?:( Seems little off after 2 hole.

    78. Paul Marostica

      Is it my imagination, or did Eagle start playing badly immediately after rolling down that hill?

      1. Paul Marostica

        @Jason Simpson You're right Jason. Thanks.

      2. Jason Simpson

        I mean 23:50

      3. Jason Simpson

        I don't think Eagle rolled down the hill. He was in the foreground at 12:50

    79. Tim Kvernen

      Can anyone tell me what the numbers in the second column mean at 41:15?

      1. Robert S Buck

        They tell you how many positions player has advanced or declined during the round. Calvin has come from fifth place up two spots 2 third

    80. James Reavis

      Jeremy should lay off Simon, sheesh. He strictly said he isnt going 100% and only focusing on form.

    81. Casey Hall

      If you thumbs down voted this, meet me in the parking lot for an asskicking

    82. Erik Bjorkman

      YESSSS Big Germ with the Rick n Morty reference “SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT” 😂😩😂😩

    83. Sola Sound

      Only thing I don’t like about watching DGolf is I can’t decide who to cheer for ever! They’re all just beauties

    84. Chris Davies

      1:21 - Uli seems to have forgotten the word "interesting" starts with a vowel, and tells us hole 1 is "a interesting one". But that's OK, because Paul also doesn't know the difference between an adverb and an adjective. All Paul needs to know about is disc golf, and we are all tremendously lucky he teaches disc golf rather than English. Great video, Jomez!

    85. Codey Winslow

      16:02 "Just dicking down in the ground" Jerm's mistakes are just gold sometimes

      1. Jeremy Koling

        Digging = dicking lol I can see how you heard that lol

    86. Brian Cuprisin

      39:44 Hahaha, you guys are dorks. :D

    87. David Reem

      I don't know if this would be possible, but I think it would be cool if there were a minimap of each hole up in the corner by the distance.

    88. sneakerheadjt

      Are u afraid to live? Haha I'm going to say are you afraid of life for the rest of my experience

    89. Matt COOK

      Not sure if anyone else has noticed that Big Jerm is Subtly really knowledgeable about Foliage and its low key impressive 😆

      1. Christopher Benedict

        3-4 years ago there was a tree that kept grabbing discs. They didn't know what kind it was. Next day they knew every tree species on the course. Have ever since. Nice touch.

    90. doktarr

      Round 1: First event you ever won Round 2: Most recent event you won Round 3: Most thorough introduction he could manage

    91. lyckoper

      Stop the spoiler thing! If you are going to show things from the chase card, please let us know before. I like the production but those things are just super annoying

    92. Ryan Williams

      Love the Rick and Morty quote! Haha SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!!

    93. Justin Finch

      My prediction is that Eagle will go on to surpass Mcbeth as the GOAT, his putting, his accuracy, and his distance are just getting better with every passing month

    94. Jack Liszewski

      I'm taking a shot every time Nate says "Wowwwww!"

    95. Jack Cade

      PREDICTION: If Simon gets healthy he's going to go on a bit of a run. Second event back and second place SANS sidearm/forehand, and throwing 80% power on the longest course in PDGA history. Healthy, with his good sidearm/forehand and able to fully ripe, but having learned how sometimes playing with less is more. YIKES! Look out PDG. Eagle is starting to show this, but he's yet to prove he can come through with the same poise of a Wysocki or McBeth, though he is starting to.

    96. Josh Russell


    97. Everett ziegenfuss

      "Apache butterflies" may be the best this Jerm has ever said

    98. Forehand Anhyzer

      Who?! KEV JONES!! Love the intro.

    99. Bryce Rogers

      I gotta say that was the perfect time to run the whale sacs ad.... right during the tap-in, short range putts at the conclusion of hole 4. Edit: the ad after hole 6, you should fade in the audio, so that the announcers aren't trying to fight the audio to finish their sentence

    100. Mike Schumway

      I'm glad they started cutting the last 0.5 second off the Whale Sac commercial. It's always so weird watching Eric Oakley trying to act like a normal person and toss the bag in his hand.