2021 Portland Open | R1F9 FEATURE | Lizotte, McMahon, Keegan, Locastro | Jomez


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO feature card's first round at the 2021 Portland Open.

    Card: Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Dustin Keegan, Nikko Locastro
    Course: Glendoveer Disc Golf Course | Portland, OR
    BigSexyBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Nate "Sexy" Sexton, \u0026 Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    01:07 HOLE 1
    10:07 HOLE 2
    14:07 HOLE 3
    21:29 HOLE 5
    25:13 HOLE 6
    29:45 HOLE 7
    35:38 HOLE 8
    39:15 HOLE 9

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    1. mikea hiooi

      Thank you for the background context about what Jeff & Dustin had to go through to get this event going.

    2. I do care

      Another great nugget from Big Jerm @42:55. Thank you for the uphill roller advice!

    3. Guinea54

      damn this guy sounds like keith hernandez

    4. doliio volay

      “Ooo, double knot your sneakers, that’s home” Nate is so good at riffing off someone else’s joke. Love the commentary!

    5. Henri

      Dustin lookin like a wii character

      1. mikea hiooi

        Woah. a dgpt Findlay snap back? Where do I send my money?

    6. Darklord Odin

      Does anyone else mute the commentators or just me😂

    7. Kyle Carlson

      Golf course. Spotty OB. OB paths. Made it part way through and couldn't finish. Great coverage. Terrible course.

    8. Travis C

      Subsrcibing because commercials play during nikko putts. Perfect.

      1. doliio volay

        Yooooo, fitting that ad break in while Nikko lines up his putt 😂😂😂

    9. Brian Pinski

      Was kind of hoping to see a Valarie or Nate sighting...

    10. Airiq Tibbits

      Wow! Tough to see K.J. and the 7... Love seeing Simon back! Great way for Eagle to finish it off... Thanks Jomez for bringing the fans this action!!!

    11. Andrew Simmons

      Double knot your sneakers

    12. Micah Smiley

      Mmm love me some roller golf

    13. Dewayne Hyatt

      Not sure if the rodecaster pro is new to the set-up or not but the noise gate on Big Jerm seemed pretty aggressive. Thanks for everything you do for the sport and I hope this comment is taken constructively. Keep up the fantastic work.

    14. Jennings Vaughn

      So am I the only one who thought about not watching this because Nikko is on the card?

    15. Matt Kirtman

      These John Madden-esque comments are amazing lol

    16. Njhimself

      I almost wasn't going to watch this until I saw Simon was on the card.

    17. Noah Lawson

      Big Jerm with the Foundation shout out using the Ballfer terminology lol

    18. Britain Best

      Paul's hole breakdowns are still weird lol. Im curious why someone doesn't say something like, now lets check out Paul and his hole breakdown. The cut to it seems weird. Only to me, could be fine to everyone else lol He's so tense still. Lol.. So loose every other video they do. It's weird to see him be so serious. Say what's up at least lol

    19. Erickson Molina

      Woah. a dgpt Findlay snap back? Where do I send my money?

    20. coop9998

      The only thing that would make this better is the....yes that's right...orginal intro....

    21. Jacks Whitehurst

      they ran that poor course designer off the course

    22. Louis LaPorta

      Yooooo, fitting that ad break in while Nikko lines up his putt 😂😂😂

    23. R M Signor

      Yes! Pier Park! Love that course; was walking it for a first time look prior to Worlds--walking with two top senior women players--and I just couldn't stand it, I had to throw so returned to car and grabbed my bag. Fun course with plenty of challenges.

    24. R M Signor

      Jeff Spring is a good guy, a really good guy. First met him when I was editor of DiscGolfer and he ran the Worlds at Smuggler's Notch--Wow, two terrific courses and one of the best Worlds ever. When I heard he'd taken over the DGPT, I knew its problems were en route to being solved.

    25. crypto

      why do the mics sound so weird here?

    26. Ced Ed

      The handsomely cinema obviously imagine because wound feraly tour like a violet cupboard. useful, wiggly tongue

    27. Mike V

      This course is boring

    28. dumpy D

      Putting the designer of a course that everyone is bemoaning on camera is gutsy. Oh, he designed it in 20 hours. I can respect that.

    29. Sean Perkins

      Flyboy Aviation was a huge course near Atlanta.

    30. D

      Does Dustin have an advantage being the designer of the course??

    31. Jake Gorrell

      Air Shots > Rollers

    32. The2ndDogma

      It was nice of the TD to decide the fake grass pads are no good lol Thinking of Jerm slipping all over them in the practice round

    33. Francisco Pascual

      Why didn't Barri play in the tournament?

    34. C B

      Thinking portland is a hub of disc golf. Love the enthusiasm, but no way.

    35. Michael Dickson

      I love disc golf but honestly I'm not sure why I watched -- another huck-fest on a ball golf course. boring.

    36. prattacaster

      I am starting to come around on Nikko. His reaction after hole 6 @ 27:53 is just perplexing tho. I mean, there is nothing more infuriating than a semi parked upshot.

    37. Doyle Lough

      If Jerm came out looking like a strawberry poptart today than i absolutely do not doubt that he birdied 9 :)

    38. Brent Gaul

      The golf, players and coverage is top notch. The course not so much.

    39. Kristoffer Adelbrant


    40. Andrew Bennett

      Congratulations on 300,000 Subscribers!!!! Let’s go 🎉

    41. Grant Chapman

      How come Dustin looks like he's throwing LHBH drives when he's throwing RHBH? I've had to rewind 5 times... only half way through! Is it just me?

    42. Erik Woods

      Hurting the sport, letting them tee off anywhere! Bad pads or not....do better PDGA!!

    43. Hunter Harris

      Dustin Keegan looks like a Mii created character

    44. Julia Alina

      i don't want to see a roller ever again

    45. Bank Ops

      Probably hurtin the algo but i swear the second i see Nikko is on it, I won’t watch it. Will go elsewhere

    46. S U O M U R S U

      It's so fun when nicco is warming his put, you guys just put ad next to it😂😂

    47. E123

      A majority of all ball golf conversions on the pro tour are a bad direction the sport is taking

    48. seashoree1

      "Nate please...a bolfer"

    49. Theodore Mote

      a couple of things, Amazing to see the contextual preview with the course designer! Also, Jeff talking about fielding criticisms about running an event made me feel cathartic.

    50. CR Pottery

      Golf course... weak

    51. T G

      L O L at all the haters who are so upset about this layout.

    52. HXGX666

      Pier,buxton,blue lake,Milo and these guys pick a ball course??? Even lunch would have been a better option.

    53. Erik Horn

      Uli lurking around for some background cred on hole 6.

    54. JasonMRamer1975

      Dustin setup a nice layout

    55. Mark Route5discgolf

      35:54 incredible shot all it needed was a Dela root.

    56. Jason Basri

      Why is it so hard to mark mandos in time? Dustin never had a chance to win, Kinda sad he didn't play the course the way he drew up on every hole to show off the hard work he put in

    57. Daniel McCachern

      The way the sun shined through the Huk Lab stamp on Eagles drive at 19:57 was mesmerizing!

    58. John Hall (Grokand)

      1342'. Uphill. Excuse me? Eagle birdies. That's nuts. That's 4 good drives for me. And an approach. And a putt. 6, at best. Mind. Boggled. Great vid, superb production. I hope Nikko keeps spin-putting and making moves. I hope Simon finds his putting groove. Great coverage, y'all. Liked the intro story about the course design, so cool!

    59. sportadic22

      What a card!!!!! Can’t wait for thisssss, starting now!

    60. Nathan Nicholson

      What's ball golf? I've only ever heard of golf and disc golf

      1. Nathan Nicholson

        Also tip to the lady with the ad: no one cares if your business is woman owned. Just make a good product 👍

    61. maziu123

      Is it just me, but I find it weird that the course designer also competes on the course that he designed ???

    62. VinnyB77

      We need to see a for fun round of the commentators playing against each other with 3 different players doing the casting for it. Might make for a fun charity or skins match

    63. Sungrown Trichome

      Hole 4 bigJerm thats the beauty of DG

    64. Nathan Robinson

      is that same love by macklemore i hear at 2 min in?

    65. doktarr

      I'm with Jerm. If I could put any course in the world in my back yard, it would be Pier Park.

    66. NinJake

      new audio mixer for the commentary? the intro was a lot quieter than the rest and it seemed like there may have been some heavy compression going on at a few parts where their voices were ducking down. Thanks for the coverage!! Can't wait for my tee shirt to arrive :)

    67. S Cook

      Third shot on hole 9 Nikko had a foot fault, his foot was more than a foot from his marker!!!! Call the foot fault police, oh wait that’s Nikko’s job. Wait.....you mean there are people who act reasonably when it comes to a possible foot fault? Nikko take notice.

    68. El Dooderino

      I'm just stunned that Portland only has one place to host a disc golf tournament... and that the only alternative is a golf course that has to have an emergency DG course crafted over a weekend. The story just seems a little BS. Keegan did a great job putting it together though. The whole story is just a little suspect.

      1. Ryan Vanderburg

        Portland has the Covid restrictions like crazy. So only a private venue would work. No city venue would allow anything like a tournament unfortunately. Sad

    69. Iraleigh Anderson

      This card must be vaccinated because I am seeing some herd immunity to hitting putts.

    70. xRIDERxWARx

      Can we get the Jomez Directors cut where they leave in all the time someone takes to take their shots lol

    71. hityourchin

      6:00 is when the disc golf starts.

    72. Doug E

      Eagle's drive on hole 8 was a rocket!

    73. Reese Salen

      If they're balfers are we dilfers? lmao

    74. dipsetkid09

      Take a shot every time jerm says Douglas firs

    75. Michael Ottaviani

      Loving the opening conversation with course designer and CEO ♥️ they were on a tight schedule and they made it happen

    76. Steven Pate

      Right at the 20 minute mark is one of the coolest disc golf shots I have ever seen. Perfect shot of Eagle's Huklabs disc.

    77. Jamessr23

      This course is the antithesis of what disc course should be

    78. BashIpsen

      Oh yeaaaa the smash brothers are back!!!!

    79. Kendall Smith

      Yay Simon!!!!! The only one who would give Nate a run for his money on most liked player.

    80. John Cook

      All the thumbs down can’t throw rollers

    81. Scott Benedict

      Round Starts at 6:13.

    82. Brendan Smith

      It’s a miracle they made this happen 😇

    83. Kendall Hermes

      Loved the feature of Spring and Keegan. Jomez is next level.

    84. PoopSteve420

      Love watching McMayhem crush, could be a stacked lead card tomorrow Im psyched

    85. Jordan Mack

      It is great to see that Dustin Keegan was on the feature card after all of his hard work; while crybaby "Not another golf course!" Paul Mcbeth got 2nd card 👏 I guess that's what happens when you spend all week complaining about one course when you make 1 Million a year by throwing discs dude🙄 How precious, he oughtta be named LeBron Mcbeth!😂

    86. 尺EVO

      I have mixed feelings about the last minute course change. The course was designed to be challenging for the top level player. So when you open up other lines to please the players complaining it completely changes the original design. Some of those original lines were extremely challenging and when you get the option to avoid that I feel you get a “cheat code” per say. Tee pads are part of the course and add to the challenge. I understand the safety aspect but it’s ashame to not to get to see the course get played as designed. Thanks for the coverage Jomez, first class as always! Can’t wait to “see how it plays out”…✊🏼

    87. Rupert Miller

      I need a new disc golf buddy. Mine got old and can't handle more than 5 holes in an afternoon. I want to play 18 again.

    88. Sage Smith

      I do want to see 150’ Douglas Firs.

    89. Marcey Abstract Artist

      I wish that you'd scroll the scores of the entire field every few holes. I'm always curious where everyone else is.

    90. Nathan Cazmersen

      y'all gotta check out Horning's Hideout while you're in the portland area!

    91. Mars Saturn

      I really would like to hear the introductions more. I love disc golf!

    92. E Can Throw

      Happy to see nikko take a minute on every throw and cries when he misses

    93. David Wood

      Saving my night as per usual. Hot sauce on a coverage sandwich, my favourite...

    94. livingthefreelife G

      I like how they knew to run the side by side ads when Nikko was putting or throwing. It's like they knew for some reason they would have the time for a full ad.

    95. Don Karnage

      Portland is a beautiful place. Too bad it's currently being ransacked by 'a myth' and 'an idea' on a weekly basis for months now with a skyrocketing murder rate. One of the mythical people even punched the Portland mayor in the face a couple months ago.

    96. bikerbrandon1

      I feel like nikko is going to look exactly like the " most interesting man in the world" guy more and more as he ages especially with the beard

    97. Nate

      Dustin said he wanted it to be "choose your own adventure" IN THIS VIDEO and these hosers are talkin about him being frustrated smh.

    98. Goose Hocog

      Simon is back on lead card. So happy...... Oh with nikko locastros crybaby ass. Why jomez? Why not put any other player there?

    99. Royalcityfeelix

      I want Dustin's shirt! Lookin fresh!

    100. Diego Ortiz

      I was like why is this video so long then I saw Nikko in it and it all made sense