2021 OTB Open | R1B9 | McBeth, Heimburg, Aderhold, Proctor | Jomez


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO feature card's opening round at the 2021 OTB Open.

    Card: Paul McBeth, Calvin Heimburg, Ezra Aderhold, James Proctor
    Course: Swenson Park | Stockton, CA
    BigSexyBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Nate "Sexy" Sexton, \u0026 Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    00:53 HOLE 10
    03:39 HOLE 11
    07:29 HOLE 12
    10:54 HOLE 13
    13:18 HOLE 14
    17:55 HOLE 15
    21:13 HOLE 16
    25:27 HOLE 17
    29:30 HOLE 18

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    1. Nori G

      Gotta love Ezra's moose-skulls. Also fun when Uli is in on the 'mirin 😄

    2. Crazy Hand Grows

      I really enjoyed watching Proctor play. Seems like a smooth og and was casually crushing some drives. Love seeing some players covered I haven't seen before, even if he's been around a while!

    3. Victor Galvan

      I really think Ezra beats himself. He is a beast and is capable of winning

    4. Sami Bberg

      Baskets really had something against Ezras discs...

    5. Dotson6996

      Sexton really has to stop saying, "what a dig". If your not paying attention, it doesn't sound like dig lol

    6. Dustin Morton

      Calvins roller on 16 went 16 geese!!

    7. Riley Peters

      Calvin trying something different, and missing from 60😅😂

    8. Andrew Allers

      These productions keep getting better and better. Thank you Jomez for what you guys do! An idea for a feature - it would be super cool to see estimated distances of throws (even only throws from the teebox) and/or distance-from-the-pin estimates before upshots. I imagine this would be super difficult to nail down, but would be a really neat addition!

    9. meze maccalman

      ezra punted one of those gooslings into the bush's after missing his putt on 8

    10. Thomas

      19:05 hey that's not a goose

    11. Adam Keenan

      “Swim the Bobber” might actually be Jerm’s worst joke ever.

    12. Rob Hodges

      "That was terrifying. That's why I haven't said anything. Absolutely terrifying."

    13. Chris Garwick

      I believe Calvin covers the basket with his disc for this reason. It is very easy to get distracted by a bird, a noise, a person moving, etc... when starring down the basket to putt, which can interrupt your visual focus on the target and cause you to miss. By hiding the basket, Calvin is essentially not visually focusing on the basket at that point in time, which means his focus cannot be interrupted. When Calvin begins his putting motion, removing the disc from covering the basket, his brain has only about 3 seconds to then visually focus on the basket, which makes it very unlikely for any distraction to interrupt his visual focus during those 3 seconds. If you are easily distracted when putting and/or find yourself losing focus for any reason during a putt, give this a try, it works for me!

    14. DrLukem

      Sideshow Bob Playing well

    15. Jonathan Price

      How did Jerm say "Better than Ezra" and nobody mentioned the band?

    16. Dean Rabe

      We call the goose a "Canadian cobra chicken". Mainly because they're mean and hiss at you lol.

    17. glala

      Just me or is the audio on this seem like Paul is close to the mic and Jerm is super quite?? I turn it up when Jerm talks and then Paul is like Boom loud...Nate volume is just right.

    18. Alex Padilla

      Love the course design.

    19. Brian Seo

      So much hilarious back and forth from the fellas great job 👏

    20. Brendan Smith

      Ezra just taco’s discs love the casual aggression “That’s the stiffest disc in his bag”

    21. TristanandIsolt

      Paul Ulibarri does fine work on your broadcasts, but Big Sexy Barry commentary just does not sound as cool as Big Sexy commentary. I think you just have to leave his name out. :-)

    22. ballzz2thewall

      [spoiler alert] ... How the fk does one go -13 on this course?. Eagle is out of control!

    23. Timm Argo

      Confuscious say disc that bend with hand feels cocky all day

    24. Max Regitnig


    25. Charles Cornwallis

      "Two Pauls in one screen there... and one of them is getting a birdie" LOL

    26. DirtBiker Guy

      Nothing but silence and crickets from the commentators when Ezra misses and gets mad lol. You wouldn't want Ezra shifting his anger towards you and turning you into a human taco.

    27. J sprechs

      Love love love the coverage. After watching CCDG last week tho I must say that I'm missing the speed tracking and distance stats.

    28. ehtikhet

      What a bummer the mandatory was removed :’(

    29. swag team og

      Who loves watching disc golf every time 🤙🏽🔥🙏🏽

    30. stan stanly

      The dude in the water at hole 15. LOL

    31. Patukkamies

      what were those donkeys at hole 14?

    32. Michel Cottreau

      I believe the correct term is Swimmamabobber.. And beware the Cobra Chickens!!!

    33. Teter Posh

      I like that no one on the field is givin a fk about the goose..

    34. Mastashake

      Paul: " It's a tough place to grow up" Lmfao

    35. Mastashake

      These Geese need to get a room

    36. Heylo

      Ezra seems waaaay to hectic imo

    37. Kristian Møller Hansen

      Ezra footfault on 15? Id say there is.

    38. Mastashake

      These Geese have no chill

    39. Matt Alexander

      I’m so pumped to see the coverage from today’s round (Saturday) with *Nate* _“The Sex Machine”_ AKA _“Sexting-Your-Mom”_ AKA _“Sexy”_ *Sexton!* Hope you played well under the _extreme_ *JoMez* _pressure_ with all eyes on you, *Natey Boy!!* However, I’m sure it has to be _insanely overwhelming, anxiety inducing, and incredibly difficult_ to perform at _that_ high of a level when you’re sharing the tee box with a few other people that _consistently COMPETE_ at the _HIGHEST_ level of play. *GOOD LUCK, PAST NATE!!*

    40. Ville Karaksela

      Not that I didn't enjoy every bit of this video, but what made my day was finding out in the end that we get to see Mr Sexton in the lead card for round 2! :D

    41. Core Mistir

      Anyone want some tacos 🌮 🤣🤣

    42. Travis Finucane

      Ezra's putt has so many moving parts. Super inconsistent

    43. powpronto

      Nothin like checking for goose poo throughout the day. At least there weren't any slips on camera.

    44. Jacob Ryan

      Next lead card is the truth 100%

    45. Justin Farias

      Thank you for posting these vids!!!!!

    46. Sappysongbird

      How many sports have announcers that are literally playing in the game they are announcing. We need some bee voices for jomez.

    47. Sappysongbird

      Bro we gotta get some new announcers

    48. Matt Alexander

      *Ezra Aderhold?* _More like…_ *AderSwole!* *AderFold-A-Putter* *AderRoll-A-Frying-Pan*

    49. oilfan pw

      Swim the Bobber couldn't have been any better placed on 15. He almost caught that disc

    50. Brian Gibeault

      It looks like Calvin straight up knocks a bug out of the sky with his ryhno upshot on #18. Bug got knocked the fugg out!

    51. Eugene David

      If Ezra would stop trying to flex so hard and just loosen up half his missed puts would be gold... get some shorts and a shirt that’s not so tight lol😂 Mcbeth out there looking like a stuffed cookie and he’s still doing great

    52. bRUTUS

      Am I only one who notices static noice in Pauls mic?

    53. Austin Koller

      wow, what a lead card coming up

    54. Vardman Turner

      I'm hyped for this lead card tomorrow

    55. Carl Hokes

      34:15 Sexton, You are the G.O.A.T in my book.

    56. Itsneight

      STACKED CARD for tomorrow, cant wait!... maybe one day we get to see Nate and Paul play doubles against Eagle and Ricky. Would be awesome.

    57. flopkin

      Ezra puts so much gas on his putts its ridiculous

    58. DiscGolfinSolace

      What the hell is Ezra wearing 🤣🤣🤣 Dude went from a surfer looking dude to a bootleg Paul mcbeth dressing wannabe

    59. Andrew Commons

      Nate saying, “gOOse alert” was my favorite part of the week 😂

    60. Simon Smith

      stop putting mcbeth on these fucking feature cards

    61. Andrew Zinck

      Might I suggest adding a ‘woahmez’ feature for woah moments

      1. Nick Baker

        for woahments

    62. Bentley Vang

      Ezra just has to dial his putting and he’d be deadly...

    63. Josh Alsip

      " A curmudgeonly old goat"

    64. glovester

      Wait a second Nico only shot -1 on the entire back 9 based on the scores at the end. Imagine how peeved he must have been!

    65. glovester

      30:45 fucking ripped it.

    66. Gary Dziubek

      Maybe the swimmer name is scuba Steve??

    67. JBreezy87

      Man Ezra has really been sucking it up this season

    68. Ryguy 23

      Are we just gonna ignore the guy in the water at 0:20?

    69. glovester

      the drone angles are so peaceful

    70. Captain Xorro

      Whenever you have a rough day, just be grateful you're not Ezra's disc when he's having a bad day.

    71. Jeremy

      Does anyone else get the feeling Calvin is a bad ass corn hole player.

    72. corallein

      Nate's gunning for Uli's "Ageless Wonder" title.

    73. Michael

      comment for good ALGORITHM

    74. Matt Finley

      bird terrorists made me laugh

    75. Grant Coleman

      "Tough place to grow up" vs "maybe his name is swim and he is out for a bob" what did we do without barri

    76. Em Sauce

      Let's go Nate!

    77. Matt Rush

      "Goose, goose, goose, duck!" 😂 Big Sexy Barri on 🔥

    78. Matt Rush

      "Maybe he's Swim the bobber!" 🤣🤣🤣 I laughed first at the joke and second at Jerm regretting the joke. 😂

    79. Mucho Arigato

      Big Jerm dropping the 90s band reference on hole 17 and didn’t even know it: “Better Than Ezra”

    80. Clive Tupelo

      Did Jerm and Nate make-up after the skins debacle?

    81. Ryan Johnson

      Love the theme music! -until the end when it plays out longer and sounds like bad elevator muzak on hold.

    82. Julian Coffin-Hadfield

      Sexton on lead card coverage FUCK YES

    83. Michael Barber

      3:40 what a beautiful fly by. If this scene isn't enough alone to play disc golf, I don't know what is.

    84. Jacob Edler

      14:23 "That's perfectly in the top 2!" - Nate Love having Sexton back on commentary haha

    85. Relaxamera

      Nate for the win ! Yes ! Let's go !

    86. John Evans

      2 Meter rule...Gross

    87. Munky Cabrialez

      Not all hero all capes The swimmer on hole 15 lol

    88. Samuel Ehrhardt

      Never really seen James play before. Now that I have, I'm somewhat confused as to why he's never mentioned in the conversation for the top distance throwers in the world

    89. Mucho Arigato

      Love the thumbnail creativity. Cool evolution from the literal/traditional approach.

    90. wacky295

      27:40 - outstanding shot !

    91. Rad N Bad Collars

      I want your opening jingle as a text notification

    92. NarDawg

      You don't mind hitting a goose Jerm? How bout we blast a driver at you and see if you mind. Mr Goose is just on a road trip and stopped off to get some grub before heading back on the road

    93. Zach Dorsett

      Swim the Bobber lol!

    94. tony curry

      Thanks man.

    95. mattbaker87

      Geese = Cobra Chickens. Totally agree with Jerm

    96. Mr. Fourth Down

      “Calvin trying some new from 60....missing for once.” 😭😭😂

    97. boom chakalaka

      Sexy back on a lead card!!!

    98. Patrick Pitts

      Best commentator's! Love Jomez!

    99. Daniel Penrod II

      “Maybe his name is Swim the Bobber” There should be a stroke penalty for that kind of joke, Jerm!

    100. Dan Hymer

      I'm a fan of Doctor Proctor. I'm trying to practice good butt health so you can count me in