2021 Jonesboro Open | R2F9 LEAD | Wysocki, Heimburg, Callaway, Gibson | Jomez


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's moving day round at the 2021 Jonesboro Open.

    Card: Ricky Wysocki, Calvin Heimburg, Ben Callaway. Drew Gibson
    Course: Disc Side of Heaven | Jonesboro, AR
    BigBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling \u0026 Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    01:07 HOLE 1
    05:54 HOLE 2
    10:58 HOLE 3
    14:09 HOLE 4
    18:49 HOLE 5
    22:44 HOLE 6
    25:25 HOLE 7
    29:20 HOLE 8
    32:34 HOLE 9

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    1. Jeff Bujak

      I love this channel so much. Thank you for this!!

    2. Lee Adams

      I’ve watched this round several times, and every time I see Drew Gibson bomb the tree on hole 8, making back way entry to the basket, my jaw drops. Ridiculous.

    3. Bohemen

      Calvin is straight up really good looking.

    4. Nick Bryant

      Damn I loved that long birdie from ben

    5. Gary B

      Bob Wire

    6. Eric campos

      Layup......... you mean birdie 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    7. Brent Payne

      34:49 Calvin: “I accept your proposal.” 🤔

    8. Ding Dong Dudes

      I was just watching then on hole two when Ricky missed his put I said “Come On Ricky!” What have u done to me Jomez???

    9. Jesse Stewart

      Ben Callaway was on Jomez for opening round coverage of the 2019 Rumble so this would not be the first time he is on Jomez

    10. Dogtor Anti

      It's kinda annoying when someone on the card says GO IN on like every throw...

    11. Masca Trails

      Was that Uli wearing a McBeth windbreaker? Or am I getting my Pauls confused

    12. Matthew Leija

      Please youtube keep putting ads RIGHT before the tee off

    13. Flip Flat

      I didn't know Ricky can throw 700 feet, i thought he was topping of at 550 or so. I feel like i throw far, but i would need 2 two throws to land next to his drive. 😒

    14. Daniel Solomon

      Calvin look like he from the hood. Every time he on the tee he check his left before he do anything😂

    15. Casey smith

      So then Ricky Wysocki could beat the old forehand record set by Scott Stokely in 1999, I think that is still the record but I am not 100%.

    16. Hucksty

      still not convinced with the new tunes, hoping itll grow. doesnt want to make me record it for a ring tone. great coverage though! Best wishes from the UK

    17. Mighty

      😂 Uli is absolutely on fire 🔥 right now! 😂 "good thing there wasn't anyone in that tree"

    18. Robin McLean

      Somebody needs a new caddie. 7:55.

    19. Matthew Kubit

      yo wtf is with the ad that ruins drews birdie putt on 5?

    20. 3chrizzl

      Looks like Ben Callaway thought the course was flooded!

    21. Fishing_dixie_official

      Any body else hear what Drew Gibson said at 7:57 😳

    22. _ Moses_

      These fully-micd-up cards are a treat ! Would love to see more in the future.

    23. Jordan M Webster

      that was a weird looking side arm, haha

    24. Aaron Dooley

      Bob wire😂🤣😂🤣😂

    25. Benjamin Turk

      Another VERY poorly timed commercial at 22:20. I really love Jomez, but there needs to be thought put behind the product placement that does not ruin key moments. Thank you for the great coverage otherwise.

    26. Andy Hohenberger

      I hate Bob wire

    27. 8Ryanaugust

      Where are the player profile vids? They have been the greatest addition to this year’s coverage!

    28. chapii win

      : )

    29. tjloefflerjaetem

      The sportsmanship among you guys is awesome. I never see, in another sport, something like hole 5 where a competitor does something great and their competitors are genuinely happy for them.

    30. Will

      Great camera work! Great show!

    31. Skylar Schalit

      I have to say Uli was the real hero of R2 F9, slaying it with the jokes!

    32. Colin Mills


    33. Dustin Turner

      Foot fault on drew 2 shot second hole

    34. Tony Looper

      Uli on hole 8 for Drew's drive: that was a weird look'n sidearm.

    35. Jon Griffin

      I feel like Calvin is a really good friend

    36. C Hiebert

      29:03 I sure hope Jerm didn’t jinx Drew.

    37. Adam Hanover

      Bob wire? I’m going with the ESP Nuke.

    38. Stuben Thomas

      BOBwire LoL

    39. apezkin 1

      "That was a weird looking sidearm"😂😂uli is my favourite commentator

    40. R M Signor

      talking about the length, or lack thereof of teepad on hole 7, surprised no one mentioned James Conrad's really long run-up

    41. Keith Hernandez

      Not sure how much i like the player mics. Every now and then is cool but the constant chatter for some reason takes away from the round somehow. But always love and appreciate the coverage!

    42. aklevin

      Fun card to watch! OT: Are ankle-length pants in vogue now?

    43. Jonathan Price

      Drew foot fault at 8:13? Stepped on his disk.

    44. Niko “XMR” Bellic

      Guys, what is the song at the end called? Thanks in advance!

    45. Josh Taylor

      Thank you Jerm for the Bob Wire chat...I just figured Paul had being saying it wrong his whole life :P

    46. Alex DeArman

      Lol I say bobwire

    47. dinesh anblazahan

      Ben form is very much like Paul’s ... he can only get better going forward

    48. Dan Gordon

      With the barb wire bob wire thing, I think it comes from Arizona. I grew up there and lean toward saying bob wire. You guys are awesome!

    49. Ethan Travis

      Uli with the proper barbed wire pronunciation!

    50. James Hawkins

      I want to have a conversation with the 19 people that disliked this video

    51. Levi Bennett

      Watching coverage without mic'ed up players is dead to me now

    52. Levi Bennett

      I wish my mom cheered for me accomplishing day-to-day tasks like Ricky's mom cheers for him during tournaments. She's awesome!

    53. Jesse Mitten

      Anyone else catch Drews comment about Ben around the 7:50 mark? Pretty not cool of him.

    54. Garrett Bacon

      Callaway needs some longer pants

    55. Garrett Bacon

      Prime time Ules was not saying barbed wire lol

    56. Papigringo

      He definitely said Bob Wire

    57. Rowan


    58. Joey Ward

      It’s barbed wire not bob wire bahaha

    59. Steven Combescure

      I love hearing the chatter on the card. Its makes it feel more like I am there with ya'll. Thank you!

    60. Heath Freppon

      Drew got away with a foot fault on his second throw hole 2.

    61. enteraqua

      Ben Callaway looks like he's training to take down Ezra.

    62. oilfan pw

      I also thought he said Bob wire

    63. GrandmaJosey

      HE was saying BOBwire

    64. Jani Sinkkonen

      8:13 foot fault

    65. Daniel Parkison

      ⭐⭐⭐ STAR FRAME ⭐⭐⭐

    66. Drowsymuppet _

      So true Rickey doesn't get the distance credit

    67. Unicorn Catcher

      Yes, the d in barbed wire is silent.

    68. Nameless King

      Dang, is Gibson's form that good that Uli put up there as maybe the best? I may have to start watching his form videos.

    69. Chris Davies

      So good to see Drew on the lead card. I'm following him closely this season and hoping to see a lot more of Daddy Backhand.

    70. John Holden

      great vibes on the card. great round so far🤠👍

    71. Eric Singleton

      This is the lamest thing I've ever seen! I mean this is not a sport to be taken seriously. Its for fun. Dudes are acting like they are in Qschool. Why are they using golf terms? This has absolutely nothing in common with golf. NOTHING!!!!

    72. Eric Singleton

      why why why are these people looking at the shots they missed like they are trying to re-read the break. lol.

    73. Patty Makk

      Lotta comradery on this card. Ya love to see it.

    74. irishdrunkass

      JomezPro, where's that double follow flight on that sick Hole 5 double ace-run with Calvin and Drew?

    75. D Peters

      That shot on 5! Boy-howdy!

    76. Kyle Rogers

      And there's a tornado here for calvin 😂

    77. WesLovesMayo

      It did sound like "bob wire" you're right Jerm lol

    78. Tim Wood

      some very funny comments Uli -superb

    79. ethan L

      No way Uli is saying bob wire on accident. Dude knows how to ham it up🤣

    80. Omar Maness

      Bobbed wire. Sorry Germ, it’s too weird.

    81. Tech and Trading

      Love hearing the commentary between the players

    82. Parker Keller

      Bob wire

    83. Tory Shafer

      Ben almost killing those people on 6 wow

    84. Austin Green

      Anyone else see Drew’s super foot fault on 2? How was that not called? lol

    85. Tomas Silverback Marquez

      “That was a solid head punch” lmao 😂😂😂

    86. Curtis Altstadt

      My top 5 favorite forms would be, starting with my favorite, Ezra Aderhold, Drew Gibson, Paige Pierce, Kona Panis, and Eagle McMahon.

    87. Joshua York

      I’m starting to believe Drew Gibson doesn’t have eyes, he was born with sunglasses

    88. Marcus Rodgers

      No this music isn't better than the original Jomez theme.

    89. Tyler Keiser

      8:12 drew steps right on his disc haha

    90. Gannon Olson

      Giant-ass ads popping up during circles edge putts... I'd rather there be a cut scene for the ad and be able to see the putt after. Of course I otherwise love the quality of the coverage and production and this may be the first time I've ever had a criticism of jomez.

    91. Ken Mckenzie

      Great commentary and coverage! Love how this group is always pumping each other up. They are competitive but complimentary.

    92. Josh Green

      Did Drew foot fault on hole 2's up shot? Looked like he kicked his disc and said something about slipping. Why is the penalty not called more often?

    93. Sean Hoefert

      Hearing this mic'd up is awesome and I hope it continues throughout the year

    94. Michael Liu

      There was a barbed cat next to the bob wire.

    95. discgolfjeff

      No worries Uli I always thought it was Barb wire lol

    96. Dustin Stratton

      "Bob-wire" merch coming soon.

    97. John Hofer

      34:20 Ben throwing the Ezra Nuke - great to see competitors throwing each others' discs out there!

    98. J.C. Ambroise

      Bob wire! Pacific!

    99. Andrew G Risinger

      "You ever held a pile of air poop?" 17:33 Edit: not sure why I put parenthesize but once again, english is my second language.

    100. Andrew G Risinger

      Bobwire would be correct Jerm. I'm from Kentucky so English is kind of my second language.