2021 Jonesboro Open | FINALF9 LEAD | Wysocki, Heimburg, McBeth, McMahon | Jomez


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's final round at the 2021 Jonesboro Open.

    Card: Ricky Wysocki, Calvin Heimburg, Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon
    Course: Disc Side of Heaven | Jonesboro, AR
    BigBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling \u0026 Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    05:51 HOLE 2
    10:37 HOLE 3
    14:00 HOLE 4
    18:18 HOLE 5
    21:36 HOLE 6
    24:34 HOLE 7
    28:06 HOLE 8
    31:57 HOLE 9

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    1. JomezPro

      Enjoy y’all! The dream card 🔥 We will be posting a version of the final round with player mics on and no commentary at Patreon.com/JomezPro so sign up to enjoy!

      1. R Shane

        @Sparky Nate your right, the final rounds have been a struggle for him. Paul only wants first place. So If he’s down he is playing very aggressive to take the lead and if it doesn’t come together we have seen that become very costly. But to Paul that doesn’t matter. He’d rather take a bogey going for it than safely laying up. He has a “if you ain’t first your last” mentality. If he’s down he’s going for it every time, despite the cost if it doesn’t work out.

      2. Sparky Nate

        I don't know what's been going on with Paul lately... but it seems he has been doing mediocre in his first rounds. Then he shoots FIRE second rounds to get back to lead card or close. And then he just botches the whole thing in his final round... just seems like something is different about him. Because he always used to SMOKE courses

    2. beatsbybuzz

      bro this commentator is jim halpert

      1. beatsbybuzz

        @JomezPro Identity theft is not a joke Jim. Millions of families are affected every year.

      2. JomezPro


    3. TokyoXtreme

      I must admit, I do want one of those Bushnell rangefinders... and I've never played disc golf before.

    4. Tor

      Starting at " -24 under" must be really tough. That's like a boogie and a third per hole for a full round!

    5. Grayson Gardner

      33:36 😂 “wut is that😦”

    6. Scott Hanford

      it must be hard to look cool wheeling luggage around the course... on the plus side, he's ready for the airport.

    7. Shauka Hodan

      This is my dream Lead Card :D

    8. Jake Rodina

      When is the tour coming back to Kansas City?

    9. xeKoy

      this is a joke right ? :o hahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha

      1. xeKoy

        @Shauka Hodan i was implying that this "game" is seen as something serious :o fucking throwing frisbees into a basket, hahaha

      2. Shauka Hodan

        Paul hasn't been the same since the big signing. Final round, chasing the leader, missing a 25 footer when everyone is faltering

    10. Eric Smerdon

      "some people even call them statisticians" I'm dying

    11. mikea hiooi

      This is my dream Lead Card :D

    12. DoObs

      Chiropractors are gonna love these athletes. And their shoulders. Bad news for them later in life. 🤔

      1. mikea hiooi

        0:41 wtf..?

    13. doliio volay

      Anyone else notice the white mark on the charity target after Ricky hammered it with his drive? The sound of that impact was impressive

      1. doliio volay

        0:41 wtf..?

    14. Tyler Fowler


      1. doliio volay

        Hi, yes. I’ll take Calvin mix’s up every week please.

    15. Javion Bullocks

      Paul's disc look to stable

      1. Javion Bullocks

        @doliio volay says a sex scammer posing as a girl

      2. doliio volay

        Lmao Paul tries way too hard to lower his voice for his little intro vid, maybe try that hard on providing insight in your commentary instead of just sounding like a dumb stoner

    16. Jose Miranda

      4:44 keep an eye on the camera guy walking away.

    17. Ben Gaedeke

      What putter is eagle using?

    18. Andrew Kaemingk

      Does pdga have majors like ball golf? They should

    19. Rudy Dyer

      I didn’t know bill hader was a disc golf commentator? So sick!

    20. irubyu

      Oh and Calvin unable to put the male in the a lot that time That’s what she said

    21. Zack Cruise

      "I'm not a statistically, uh, superhero thinking guy." "Some people even call 'em statisticians..." 5:55

    22. Daphne Jolley

      Just mic Calvin up every time. I have never laughed so hard in my life

      1. Daphne Jolley

        @JomezPro I need to get patreon membership which hopefully I will financially be able to do soon

      2. JomezPro

        You're going to love this then: www.patreon.com/posts/micd-up-final-at-50322862

    23. Eric Ruggieri

      The announcer looks like the guy from Holes.

    24. Mastashake

      Paul hasn't been the same since the big signing. Final round, chasing the leader, missing a 25 footer when everyone is faltering

    25. Scrilla's Reviews

      What shoes does Eagle have on in this vid?

    26. Disc Chuckers Anonymous


    27. Will Helms

      Hi, yes. I’ll take Calvin mix’s up every week please.

    28. Thinh Ho

      They really just hit us with a triple ad?? Sneaky guys

    29. mh1875

      Comrade Germ?

    30. Mr H

      6:44 my response is *bubble bubble* 🔥 🍂

    31. Kevin

      Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone has a promo code for the Bushnell 850 range finder?

    32. Ryan Greiner

      Uli - "Even Calvin's mad at Paul." Lol

    33. Matthew Walsh

      How pissed is Paul after teeing off third then having to go last on 2 and 3. Hahhahaha. Hes so competitive I bet he was fuming.

      1. Mastashake

        Yeah he's been missing ez putts, pulling ez drives. Not himself since the big pay day

    34. oWallis

      Calvin talking to himself is what we do in our heads all the time lol

    35. hasenman s

      Imma watch *all* *this* *round* *again*, great card, great disc golf! Thanks Jomez..and disc golf!

    36. bioLarzen

      Given Nomez and Slowmez why not call the Follow Flight Follomez? ;)

    37. Itsneight

      15:30 - Damn you guys jinxed my man PMcB so BAD

    38. Charles Richardson

      Calvin is scary...

    39. Chris Thomas

      NO JOKE! Calvin's self commentary is AMAZING! "you know so there's this thing I call the poke n hope.. It's where i just throw it at a tree and say dear Frisbee gods, please.... " LOL

    40. dr05guitar

      We may never see a hole again in which Ricky putts and misses everything, and Calvin and Paul both putt and hit no metal, like on hole 2. Definitely an odd occurrence for these guys!

    41. jarrett bass

      Man yall got to have Uli atleast do the pre hole analysis. He barely talks and Jerusalem carrying him through these videos. I had to say it.

    42. Bryan K

      You can’t blame these guys for taking unorthodox routes. It’s like paying taxes, the winners maximize the benefits offered by following the rules.

    43. 8Ryanaugust

      Where did you get that orange hat, Big Jerm? I’ve wanted to know for so long!

    44. nick cline

      If Calvin isn’t wearing a mic every time he’s on lead card we’re missing out on some gold 😂

      1. JomezPro

        Here's the full round sans commentary! www.patreon.com/posts/micd-up-final-at-50322862

    45. Britain Best

      Ricky's was 11x Winner on the pro tour!

    46. Tim Taillac

      Im Jacked on this final card! Should be very exciting!

    47. Nathaniel Martin

      Who knows what kind of shoes Eagle is wearing? They look like Le Coq Sportif. Anyone know the model name?

      1. Sergio Machaca


    48. Daniel Gelderman

      I have never heard these two together in the booth but they have zero chemistry together. It almost seems like they are annoyed with the other at times.

    49. yosemitebandit

      Uli is hilarious

    50. Jeff G

      What's higher Eagle's forehand or Paul Ulibarri?

    51. dscgfr777

      Eagle parked #1 like it was nothing to it, .. .. just an approach shot. The show of effortlessness is beyond me.

    52. Michael McGrath

      4:43 guy in the background had a serious itch to take care of.

    53. SurfingKook

      Did Paul McBeth already peak in his career? Beginning to look that way!?

    54. freddie crunk

      Got to hear a little about Calvin this past weekend from a guy on card that followed him around in recent tourney and able to have that one minute chat after that Disc Golf kings like Calvin will provide for fans. Card partner said Calvin quiet, composed and wildly funny with his dry comments. Card partner said Calvin is that type of guy you cheer for not only because he is one of the elites but also because he a genuinely good person.

    55. Darren O

      So the lead card are the power pirates. Love the golf, coverage and commentary. Thanks to all

    56. J S J

      No comments on the ESP Nuke? *Unbelievable.*

    57. tjloefflerjaetem

      Jerm, stop making Uli feel bad with your big words like statistician.

    58. Weko 14

      15:37 when big jerm say " not yet" anyone else also understand that Paul are going tog be OB?

    59. Dave Slocum

      Calvin is the best

    60. juan bernal

      Eagle making a new hole up lol amazing!

    61. Julian Heald

      Don’t get me wrong Paul is great but he has been playing very streaky. He’s usually one of the most consistent players but he’s been struggling.

    62. Lucas muller

      Proud of KJ getting it done in the line up, needed a decent finish

    63. Alex Ganschow

      It makes perfect sense now, Eagle has been stealing my POWER!!

    64. stu dro

      Glad to see no masked up players and fans. We have the best sports people in disc golf! Wise in a stupid world. Get out of the house play some disc!

    65. Darthler

      Hand Uli a damn tissue at the beginning...jesus christ!

    66. Kyle Knoblauch

      Ricky is an 11 time (maybe 12 time?) winner on the DGPT

    67. C Hiebert

      35:08 They clap for all kinds of things 😂

    68. Mike B

      We haven't seen anyone OB on hole 4 yet Loonnnnggg awkward suspenseful silence as Paul throws OB

    69. Blonkinman

      1050 boys

    70. Ben Rudolph

      esp nuke

    71. Mike Nickle

      Really??? A commercial after every hole?? Holds my computer up changing speeds which is about 4-5 minutes wait time after every hole. Just gave up.

    72. WhackyCast

      23:13 This Eagle moment made me go "aww".

      1. Adam Moore

        I was wondering why he was so excited about that shot for a second and then I remembered he missed it round one on the gatekeeper feature card. Love Eagle he plays and incredible game.

    73. david jensen

      Background at 4:45 😂😂

    74. Aaron Brown

      It's more of a Spamoni stay score card, Jerm

    75. Mike Callen

      Loving Jerm's subtle social commentary at 6:35

    76. Erik Reichel

      4:44 little mud butt action in the background, caught sneaking away to take care of that

    77. wendiwoo100

      It is so annoying to have those commercials play during the putting! Anyone else !?!

    78. thecadencroy

      Did nobody see that behind Ricky on hole 1 when he was putting ???? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    79. Alexander Karp

      So much rambling in this commentary

    80. Nic Feiler

      Someone commission the comic of the lead card stealing the power of the other cards. Please and thank you.

    81. Asa Hunt

      Lmao. Calvin talking to himself is every rookie's internal dialogue. "I'm just gonna chuck it at that tree and PRAY...PRAY to the frisbee gods". Holy cow that was funny.

    82. Rick M

      Calvin should definitely make an appearance with the ageless wonder and the practice round prince in a Mic Up practice round

    83. Mark Wiggins

      Funny how Eagle is no where to be seen when the course is anything but wide ass open hyzerville

    84. J P

      Gotta imagine that’s Ricky’s mom who always yells when he birdies? 😂

      1. Mark Servilio

        Tour manager I believe

    85. dn4mycrown

      Lawn darts LMAO your are showing your age.

    86. Richard Hanson

      Omg, thank you guys for your amazing Commentary, as always love your it you guys are so funny :) thank you!!!

    87. Jack Cade

      Uli should have a using a range finder to improve your game sort of video lesson. Also, lots of money, nice house, and sports car are not helping McBeth's game.

    88. Seth Mills

      I can’t believe that these guys have been playing this course for years, and haven’t realized that the tree on 9 is a hologram... unreal

    89. Trevor Taylor

      Imagine a 6 man card with Double G, Simon, and these guys and then you’ve got 95% of the power on tour

      1. Robert Sagest

        @Trevor Taylor he hasn't had much air time on lead cards so fair enough.

      2. Trevor Taylor

        @Robert Sagest you’re definitely right about that I was thinking the Paul really doesn’t use his power I’m just not a huge drew fan so I kinda forgot about him but he does have major distance.

      3. Robert Sagest

        in fact, swap out McBeth with Drew simply because Paul doesn't often use his power when he has another option. If the other 6 were on the card it would just be bombs and they would make fun of whoever has to take their second shot first each hole. (Jomez make a CTP skins game for par 4 and 5's with those 6 and only count their 1st shot)

      4. Robert Sagest

        Drew Gibson dislikes this comment.

    90. Griffin Dahlberg

      Camera man tooted 29:43!🤣🤣

    91. manicspidertrash91

      Yall ever noticed Pauls tiny baby hands?

    92. A Bag of Dead Squirrels

      Uli going with the ESP Nuke before #6!

    93. Miguel Rodriguez

      As funny as these guys are on the card. Jomez please release card audio versions of the rounds. Give options for this. They can come out after the commentary rounds thats fine. I just like hearing the back and forth between the card players. I would wait for post post coverage for that.

    94. Joshua Johnson

      Calvin be sounding like Kermit the Frog sometimes. He’s at least 2 octaves away.

    95. Kyle Moyer

      Is eagle having elbow problems? The sleeve is the first signs we saw in simon...

    96. NewEraMusic972

      Gota be the best possible card.

    97. Lennon Fargon

      Calvin mic'd up is amazing. He’s my favorite disc golfer. If he’ll do it, keep giving him the mic!

    98. David Clamp

      So cool to see galleries and hear applause. Great coverage as always. EDIT: And the double follow flight, superb!

    99. BoostedMK6

      Dang never see Paul play this bad, even though it isn’t bad. Great to see Ricky at the top again

      1. Mastashake

        He's been off since the big deal. Never since potato quality FIblock have I ever seen Paul bogey back to back holes

    100. Frankincensed

      It's not golf. It's not a shot (throw). And it's not a put (throw). Sure, some skill, but the fact that people take it seriously and clap like they're at a golf match, cracks me up. Good on ya, mate.