2021 Dynamic Discs Open | R1B9 | McMahon, Heimburg, Keith, Dickerson | Jomez


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO feature card's opening round at the 2021 Dynamic Discs Open.

    Card: Eagle McMahon, Calvin Heimburg, Emerson Keith, Chris Dickerson
    Course: Jones Gold | Emporia, KS
    BigSexyBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Nate "Sexy" Sexton, and Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    1. Jeffrey Selert

      Kneegle McMahem ?

    2. Daniel Truong

      Great content as always guys. Hole 17 the commentators had a good idea. Can you guys in a follow flight track the speed of the disc? The follow flight color can go from yellow to red (max speed) then back to yellow or green when it slows down and stops

    3. Andrew Converse

      "the young player" referring to Brodie??? hope you mean young as in disc golf....cause Jerm, pretty sure hes just a couple years younger than you player, dont let the grey in the beard fool ya

    4. I do care

      28:23 - Really dude!!!?? What a jerk for moving and pointing in Emmy's backswing. I hope you get flogged.

    5. Matthew McGarr

      Is it just me or did Eagle throw the disc upside down on his drive on 18?

    6. mrromantimothy

      They were absolutely right, Paul McBeth is washed up!

    7. mrromantimothy

      It's like ask Jeff Williams would say yeah you're going to get wet+, just put your cell phone in the ziplock baggie and forget the umbrella you can only get so wet before you can't get wet any further

    8. Matthew Walsh

      Can I just say that Calvin has been putting on a different level these last few events.

    9. Heckin Steve

      heheh mudfoot

    10. 8Ryanaugust

      30:14 C’mon, I thought at least Big Jerm would be all over that squirrel cameo. No mention at all!

    11. Luke Mix

      Oh my god I can’t be the only one that hates Jerms commentary! Please guys if you hate listening to his lame jokes then speak up. Otherwise jomez is gonna just assume people like it and continue to put him on the mic.

    12. Weekend Warrior

      Calvin IS SO GOOD it’s just STUPID.

    13. DigitalDharma

      31:36 Pizza in the oven, followed by glorious “he doesn’t care” hole 18...

    14. cryfest

      Man, i miss the course in Waco so much after watching these wide open ones.

    15. Dale Thurber

      So glad Nate's back. 1+1+1=4 on this hosting.

    16. Fajita Speedo

      Gross. I don’t wanna see anybody’s deuce.

    17. Javier Rodriguez

      Great stuff

    18. Mike Lambert

      Just saying guys Draco is the white haired kid from Harry Potter. Lol Draco malfoy

    19. HSYhira

      What is the song for when they are aerial viewing the baskets pre throw? I wanna know so bad but I can’t find it

      1. HSYhira


    20. flopkin

      "Calvin from 28 feet, does he care?" Lmao

    21. RZ 2019

      Eagle MudMayham

    22. Justin Kihn

      16 em daddy got marked for a 5. Think it was a 6 with the spit though.

    23. Clinton Lindig

      I've so missed Nate's commentary!

    24. lolzorr5

      Hole 16. Ok. What's the distance? 425. Ok. I'm going with the ESP Nuke.

    25. Kyle Wollman

      My favorite 'on fire' players to watch are Eagle and Calvin. This was very entertaining.

    26. Alex Weiser

      Who in their right mind gives this a thumbs DOWN?!

      1. Alex Weiser

        @Luke Mix I think that's part of the charm of watching the sport. They love the game so much & are in awe of what people do & bring levity to it. Just feels good to me.

      2. Luke Mix

        People that hate the commentary from jerm and uli. The jokes are taking away from an otherwise amazing broadcast. Can you imagine another major sport having such unprofessional broadcasters? I hate jomez because of them two

    27. Chris Davies

      0:53 - Drew "Daddy Backhand" Gibson doin' work!

    28. Richard Petzoldt

      The Puttz on 18 were ridonkulous.

    29. Justin Kinard

      Technically McMayhem got an eagle with most yardage with that 300plus ft hyzer he took.. adding 200 more than any other player! Just sayin

    30. Ryan Monahan

      I really missed on the coverage how Nate says, “wow!” It’s like how Owen Wilson says it but better.

    31. Bill

      Lots of talk about Eagle and Emerson, while Chris is beating both of them

      1. Luke Mix

        They are too busy trying to one up each other for the corniest dad joke to actually comment on the players

    32. agetori77

      The course isn't playing THIS easy. These guys are THAT good. Wow

    33. Linky609

      Calvin's putting stroke is so smooth and lackadaisical, almost no visible effort, 50ft laser dead center.

    34. Linky609

      Easy way to challenge the big power throwers, include more mandos

    35. ghosTrunner

      Wow!🤯 three of the best disc golfers we've ever seen, playing some of the best disc golf ever!🥳🥳🥳🥳amazing!!!!

    36. MakeMuricaGreatAgain

      Hawaii sized island LOL

    37. Cody McGhee

      Going to need an Angry Safe tee or stamp... just sayin

    38. dennis moniz

      31:61 "Drop" and so it did.

    39. Daniel Hunter Jones

      Uli had me laughing this whole round.

      1. Bob Barley


    40. Adam Andreson

      “He’s making me think I should rip it straight into that tree!” 😭😭😭 Nate, please do more tournaments.

    41. tjloefflerjaetem

      What?! Not a single speed bump shot?!

    42. 8Ryanaugust

      9:05 I know he’s in a tree, but looks like a foul from those angles. His non-planter foot looks way ahead of his lie.

    43. 8Ryanaugust

      Where are the player profile vids? They were so amazing in the earlier coverage this season!

    44. tkiland

      Disc golf must become harder. too many birdies.

    45. John Svensson

      Calvin just hip-firing circle 2 putts all day

    46. Ryan Sells

      How did Emerson feece get on main card?

    47. SamuraiMax

      What a round! Great stuff as always Jomez. Keep doing god's work

    48. thedarkcranberry

      Why are there no spectators? Also, that girl in the background never looked away from her phone lol. Why was she even there?

      1. Ryan Youngblood

        I think she was UDisc rep so she was keeping stats. I think.

    49. Squirrel Gray

      That was me on hole 17.

    50. Mastashake

      Emerson is on absolute full tilt

    51. _ Moses_

      Two androids, a bird, and one daddy. Great card.

    52. Philip Seegert

      I shouldn't have said that during that...I take it all back lol

    53. Mastashake

      Lol Emerson putting down a towel for his knee on bark. Come on man

    54. Ross Batten

      I think that's the most fire feature card I've ever watched

    55. Robert Cartas

      Missed your commentary Nate; glad to have you back. Thank you Jomez 🙏 a great way to wrap up a great day 🎁

    56. Nathan Welker

      Are you kidding me, that was unreal, what did I just see! 😳🤯🤩

    57. Mastashake

      You guys complaining about how easy the course is, have you watched the Las Vegas rounds, they're just old golf courses turned into disc golf courses not a tree in sight

    58. Mastashake

      So are we not going to get the story on the MOWER GUY? Hole 12 preview

    59. Austin Early

      Hilarious! Love the trio! Great golf! Awesome coverage, Jemez! Per the usuz..

    60. Jimmy Wingo

      Was that Little Paige at 12:49?

    61. skautty

      emerson is so dramatic lol

      1. Mastashake

        You haven't seen philo or nikko

    62. Brent Faubert

      Jerm, maroon Tri fly from Eagle is a PD. Your welcome. PS Don't worry I mislabel genuses of trees also.

    63. Josh Migler

      Jerm "Eagle looking at a him for a put. If that makes sense." Nate "It doesn't" IM DEAD

    64. KIDMER

      the way nate said "ooooh and the punch" had me crackin up lol

    65. Mike Sheppard

      That's why there're 9 letters in his last name!!

    66. Seth Gibson

      Good ol’ Mudfoot and McMayham

    67. Trevor Reniger

      "Eagle looking in the mirror aaaaaand *reflection perfection."*

    68. jayrock


    69. Dave Grove

      Great round, guys!

    70. KT420ish

      I don't think that girl in the background put her cellphone down the ENTIRE round. I call them zombies. People who stare at their phones ALL DAY LONG.

      1. Play Disc Golf

        She was probably watching jomez

    71. Aidan Finbarr Danagher

      Watching Calvin drop in 40-50 foot putts is one of my favorite things in the world, he’s so casual about it, it’s almost scary. Also, what was that combined putting distance by the card on hole 18? must have been like almost 200 feet...

    72. Sean McRae

      watching these guys put makes my eyes water

    73. S.0.S

      Its too bad there isnt a little picture of the hole, to help give the viewers a better idea of pin placements, etc.. But i guess thats what happens when they rush out the video.

    74. discgolfjeff

      Uli top ten!

    75. ATAC Janicek


    76. AndeeRoemoe


    77. nathan russell

      I actually applauded Chris's putt on 18, I mean Eagle's was unbelievably good but he makes them all look easy.

    78. Kasey Kugler

      What are the things in the grass they use to mark the putting circles called?

      1. Jeremy Boyd


    79. Hunter Dirkse

      Hearing these three groove and enjoy watching and commentating really makes watching feels like me and a couple buddies watching a round. Love it.

    80. Spencer277


    81. Josef Ferch

      Adam Olson spotted at 23:16.

      1. Josef Ferch

        And again at 35:42

    82. dr05guitar

      Dickerson's putt on hole 18 was so nasty!

    83. EddieAPIII

      At 30:41 I expected a follow flight on the bird too... XD

    84. Alex Crockett

      Wow what a clinic sheesh

    85. Benjamin Linn

      This trio is the perfect balance. Sucks they gave Uli the crappy mic, that was distracting, he adds some extra flavor to those two old guys he has to work with (kidding lmao)

    86. S.0.S

      Koiling is a fucking duechebag

      1. Luke Mix

        Thank god! Finally someone else gets it! I thought I was the only one

    87. Cody Moreland

      Jeez that hole 16 putt emerson lost😥

    88. Van Damage

      Choadie is all hype, could care less, I can see how he impresses non athletes.. My worst day on the course is better than his greatest. Come back to HB course.

    89. Sean E.

      Was 14 “technically” a star frame?

    90. Mike Honcho

      Stop talking about brody Smith he's only sponsored cause of Paul and cause he had a fan base be didn't earn it at all

      1. Mike Honcho

        @Boomer Gulino okay good

      2. Boomer Gulino

        It’s okay, Mike.

    91. Matthew Bedient

      Jerm, I agree with your Maple Hill statement my man

    92. Jeffro4kag

      They just don't care. 850 ft, 425, 200. They don't care.

    93. Grey Hutton

      Eagle eagle on 8 today. Good call Jerm!

    94. Permaculture Homestead (with Tory)

      Vinny is startin' to get swole, he must be workin' out total chad. Maybe eagle is just really small...

    95. SKANKtv

      Every time Nate says something, Ulibarri worries about job security.

    96. PD 12

      As much as I love disc golf it will get boring unless they make the courses harder for the pros.

      1. Mastashake

        They do. They always get into the hard stuff later in the year. I know for us non crushers it isn't easy, and I'm sure these guys love bombing, but it makes for a boring watch

    97. wacky295

      yeh . . . . . . . . . . . this course needs wind

    98. Chris Ruther

      The practice round was more entertaining

    99. Chris Ruther

      This is a boring course

    100. knaptime11

      Poor Emerson