2021 Dynamic Discs Open | R2F9 LEAD | McMahon, Heimburg, Callaway, Dickerson | Jomez


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's second round at the 2021 Dynamic Discs Open.

    Card: Eagle McMahon, Calvin Heimburg, Ben Callaway, Chris Dickerson.
    Course: Jones Gold | Emporia, KS
    BigSexyBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Nate "Sexy" Sexton, and Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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    Front 9 Chapters
    00:00 Start
    06:53 HOLE 2
    10:09 HOLE 3
    14:52 HOLE 4
    18:36 HOLE 5
    22:57 HOLE 6
    27:37 HOLE 7
    31:18 HOLE 8
    35:21 HOLE 9

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    1. Brandon Brandino

      0:39 Lmao

    2. Louis LaPorta

      Uli, why you so serious in your hole breakdowns my guy?! P.s. you're my favorite commentator

    3. Unicorn Catcher

      It’s wonderful to watch Eagle become comfortable with being himself and more and more naturally just excel. Calvin the same. Thanks for the coverage and the wonderful commentary from knowledgeable vets.

    4. jfoster2488

      Wow super skinny T box on 6.. substandard

    5. Justin Case


    6. Jimmy Baldwin

      Hole 3, a Par frame lol

    7. Craig Campbell

      Kind of hard to believe hole 18 is a par 4.

    8. Benjamin Crawford

      I was really hoping for a broken soundclip and the opportunity to call hole 3 a Parframe.

    9. Brandon Smith

      Chris Dickerson with the ,"Dad gummit!" at 18:34 has me geeked. I wasn't ready for that shit.

    10. Isaac Brown Media

      All I want is a monolog from Calvin as the game goes on.

    11. tower

      Good coverage and commentary. In the off times, is there any chance we could see something about scoring these 1100 rated rounds? Like,what shots goes into the ratings? What types of shots we've seen by the pros and ams that gives them the ratings they've earned?

    12. Josh ADSETT

      good coverage

      1. Josh ADSETT


    13. Postermaestro

      22:19 "Bidip deep" was better than paul's, he was humming the hole preview song

    14. DigitalDharma

      31:50 Eagle decides to break physics.

    15. scott hadley

      thank you for the video/audio.deepest sympathies to ricky and his family god bless you brother. dont know why i,d love to see a o.t match you are all very skilled in your own ways. best of luck.

    16. Javier Rodriguez

      Great stuff

    17. Kyle Koch

      Update the star frame jingle to Nate Sexton’s version. “Badoop bweep “ 🎶

    18. Brad and Jennifer Von Aschen

      On 5 that wasn't a Draco, it was a star firebird.

    19. Chris Rowe

      Ben's putt on 7 I said "don't do it!" Then he just bangs the big par save. That was nice.

    20. Kagan Hopkins

      Jerm's incorrect disc calling and the insistence upon it is distracting, the biggest channel ought to have the correct disc. Calvin throws a firebird and is called draco like 6 times. People will go buy draco's based on a Firebirds flight.

    21. McSteeny

      Am I the only one absolutely mesmerized by Calvin’s super low release putts? Reminds me of a granny shot, but they’re such lasers and nonchalant I can’t stop watching them.

    22. Jose Boyer

      never has "what will you have" sounded so different from "what do you want" than on Jerm's botched Tombstone Pizza reference

    23. faithoverevidence

      on hole 8 big jerm said "ok now that they've thrown their stupid little approaches we get to see this" that was funny. and what a shot by eagle.

    24. Daniel Arndt

      What does SG-total mean?

    25. True Ethics

      i'll have the same thing on my tombstone as Werner Von Braun has on his.

    26. chapii win

      : )

    27. Richard Perez

      These new thumbnails look absolutely disgusting you guys definitely fucked this one up..

    28. Reuben Wolsey

      31:15 Mad Mower rips through the background. Watch out, that dude loves the sounds of discs getting shredded by blades.

    29. C Hiebert

      love the mics on the players but the constant murmur is driving me nuts.

    30. axelram5510

      Draco is a bush plane lol.

    31. SHWAA

      Wow incredible episode

    32. Raptor717

      Is it just me or do they need to increase the difficulty of these holes?

    33. John Roder

      1:10 ulis mic in the hole breakdown lookin like his chest hair/3rd beard lmao

    34. Nick Gant

      “Wow air shots do that?” 😂😂😂

    35. Eric Calhoun

      Look, I get that Paul is a fan of brevity, but can we get some more facts & measurements out of the Bushnell Hole Breakdown? How far is it to the 1st available gap, the 2nd, etc... 1 measurement in a breakdown is a shame

    36. Christopher Mayone

      I'll say it again because its worth mentioning ..... The starter on these rounds is absolutely top notch. Respect ! And then later ...... Nate .... "Air shots can DO that??" 😆 And finally .... MASSIVE respect for Ben Callaway. Cant WAIT to keep on watching him play. He's going places!

    37. snakesonakane

      36:17 mud foot. What an idiot.

    38. dane6117

      He's got the secret of the grease breaker.....oh that's a cloud breaker....Big Jerm will has me rolling

    39. TheMan Angel


    40. Daniel Herrera

      That roller Eagle on 8 😱🔥

      1. scott hadley

        that was....AWESOME!

    41. Micheal Grzywinski

      Love the shot of Tristan Tanner sitting in his van enjoying the action on Hole 1

    42. Samuel Ehrhardt

      Uh- oh boys.... here comes Rick

    43. Michael Steele

      Eagle, you're a maniac bro!!!! That roller!!!!!

    44. krishnagoon

      Eagle is a kid that turned out to be a good man. Good job Pat.

    45. Tyler

      The more I watch these the more I realize the commentators are the biggest captain obvious men I have ever listened too lol

    46. Shonufff88

      1:08 is that Pauls chest hair? A rat trying to climb out his shirt? A mic?

    47. Stefan McCabe

      “Sometimes it just goes like 900’ “ 😂🤣😂

    48. Matt Alexander

      *Kalvin The Uhh Frog Here…* 🐸

    49. voxzexe

      Nice to have Nate back in the booth👍🏻

    50. Joel Slack

      is that a chick with her legs spread under the tree on hole three taking pictures directly in the line of sight of the players during their reachback? yeah, I'm not throwing full power either.

    51. phreakerby thespeaker

      Best commentary team, PERIOD.

    52. wacky295

      calvins hair looks awesome! cool as f__k actually.

    53. S.0.S

      I'm soo thankful this isn't the only channel that covers PDGA

    54. S.0.S

      More ads than cable TV, lol

    55. Gregory Reynard Jr

      Robot Chicken with the awe you suck on hole 8. Epic...

    56. Matt Orendorff

      The amount of mirror that is dropping to this coverage is making it unwatchable.

      1. Jeremy Boyd


    57. Hit City Cards

      That roller on 8 was insane

    58. Gabriel Costa

      I would buy any disc if it looked like eagle’s mutant👀

    59. Vince Chihak

      :27 "Why are thumbs?"

    60. Buck19X

      No no no I stumped Eagle on the "disc behind the back" challenge with a Discwing Quarter KII in Austin Tx a year or so ago but super cool dude to meet.

    61. Gawky Platypus

      22:26 found my phone notification sound

    62. TeeMothE

      Calloway's putt on 7.., damn!!

      1. Jeremy Boyd


    63. Spencer277



      First time watching Callaway play. I'm impressed and that's not easy to do. Great player. Great skill. Hole 7 par was amazing. Lets go


      A Draco is a baby AK47. Also known as a baby Drac or AK pistol. FYI

    66. Brandon Denzel

      CloudBreaker, LawnMower.... love that disc. it does it all

    67. Extra Pint Crokinole Club

      I need to donate to this channel. Fantastic coverage!!

      1. JomezPro

        Much appreciated! JomezPro.com or Patreon.com/JomezPro !🤗!

    68. Thisnameisnottakenjk

      Jomez should add Eagle's drive on 8 to that new shot recreation series they are doing. Anyone able to get a roller tee shot into circle one on that hole gets a point. Make it happen guys!

    69. Alex Judy

      They’ve got me over here trying to make the “star frame” sound effect lol

    70. Bohemen

      Where's Thomas?

    71. Brandon Ortiz

      Ooh my dad jokes.

    72. Practical People

      31:11, Return of the Mower Man.

    73. Christopher Gordon

      Why Big Germ not playing?????

    74. Rob

      39:16 New Zealand! I wish one of those courses was closer to me...

    75. Logan Tosta

      big time rooting for ben this round

    76. oWallis

      Middie gang for life

    77. Nooha Music

      Not me trying to get on camera as much as I could😂😂😂

    78. Joshua Register

      Does Uli mean to say the “Edge Disc golf range finder”? I thought it was the “Bushnell Sport 850 Range Finder”.

    79. unite entierly

      "nothing between him and the basket, except a ton of OB and wind" That was funny Nate.

    80. tjloefflerjaetem

      Lawn Mower Guy is on Eagle's payroll. Helped the roller on 8.

    81. Kneyo

      I love how Jerm can never keep it together whenever he sees Calvin on lead card intros

    82. Wasted Giraffe

      A few years ago I commented on a Jomez video that I didn't like seeing pros throw rollers due to the randomness of them. Eagles roller on 8 has changed my mind. Incredible.

    83. Naeda Thoms

      I don't get it. Why was Koling laughing at Heimburg during the intro?

    84. kmchrist1

      I miss the mower guy villain. I wish he would cross the fairway mid-throw.

    85. Tim Dennis

      Want to give a shout out to our commentators. 3 people in the booth isn't easy to do, but Big Sexy Berry commentary is finding its stride and can easily become the best in the game. Love you guys. Keep up the incredible work!

    86. David Harris

      4:53 I see you back there, Tristan Tanner!

    87. Mike Don

      The par settings on a lot of courses in USA is way wrong. To many easy par fours and fives. To see players throw one or two bad shots and still have birdies are ruining the rating system.

      1. Jeremy Boyd

        ratings have nothing to do with par

    88. Disc Maniac

      I heard on a other coverage that the flags on top of the baskets are notical flags that don't blow until the wind reaches around 20 mph! Look at all the banner flags owing hard!

    89. Travis Fein

      A Draco is a gun lol

    90. Disc Maniac


    91. American Tao: The Philosophy of Nothing

      Eagle's roller on 8...I literally threw my phone across the room. What a shot.

      1. scott hadley

        that was very special glad i got to watch it beuno shot!

    92. GoColten

      Jeremy “27 feet” Koling

    93. T_Krizzle

      Why are you laughing at the beginning? Did I miss the joke? 😬

      1. Naeda Thoms

        He was laughing at Heimburg's hair. Which i find kind of weird because i don't think i have ever seen Koling where he wasn't wearing a baseball cap.

    94. Jordy

      585 foot hole. Eagle throws roller to 15 feet. Walks off tee pad like it was nothing.

    95. Jordy

      Ben is a beast.

    96. Christopher Cooper

      Jerm those are definitely Cedar trees lol Cypress are more common in or alongside bodies of water, especially in the south.

    97. Corey B (ozzynclyde)

      always enjoy watching these 4 play.

    98. thesledgehammerblog

      That roller by Eagle on 8 is the type of thing you'd expect someone to do in a skins match with $700 on the hole, not in the middle of the second round of a tournament when you're tied for the lead. Definitely a high risk high reward play.

    99. Quinn Tank

      To this day I still don't understand why the commentary trio isn't "BarriBigSexy"

      1. creepypicture

        Mostly because when they first were talking about doing the trio, there were a bunch of comments suggesting it. But I also think it makes sense.

    100. Nicky Charles

      I love the guy but I'm Jerm's commentary has been a wee bit rambly lately. Sick coverage tho