2020 MVP Open at Maple Hill | FINALF9 LEAD | Wysocki, McBeth, Heimburg, Klein | Jomez Disc Golf


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    Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's final round 3 at the 2020 MVP Open at Maple Hill. Our coverage is brought to you by OTB Discs and our amazing community of Patreon Supporters.

    Card: Ricky Wysocki, Paul McBeth, Calvin Heimburg, Kyle Klein
    Course: Maple Hill DGC | Leicester, MA
    Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling \u0026 Paul “Uli” Ulibarri

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    00:00 Start
    01:06 HOLE 1
    07:19 HOLE 2
    10:56 HOLE 3
    14:04 HOLE 4
    17:12 HOLE 5
    20:41 HOLE 6
    25:13 HOLE 7
    29:05 HOLE 8
    32:32 HOLE 9

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    1. JomezPro

      Hey thanks for watching! This final round is a classic!! Thank you to OTBdiscs.com for presenting our coverage this weekend. If you like free shipping enter the coupon MAPLE on their site. The back 9 video will be dropping at 9am pacific so watch the front 9, go toss some frisbee, then come back for more. 👍

      1. Danley Shackelford

        Jenny & Craig Adventures I looked on UDisc right after I asked and saw that. Glad you have some places to play. It’s been a few weeks for me. I need to get out on the course again.

      2. Jenny & Craig Adventures

        Danley Shackelford We have three courses here on Maui.

      3. Pedro U

        @Jack Murgas We don't really, the interactions between these two are priceless. Nothing against Nate, he's super cool, bet these two are on a different level.

      4. Danley Shackelford

        Jenny & Craig Adventures that’s funny. Glad you enjoy it. Do you guys have a lot of courses in Hawaii? I’d love to visit there one day.

      5. Jenny & Craig Adventures

        Danley Shackelford One of the under appreciated things about living in Hawaii; no matter how early I wake up, Jomez is there waiting for me.

    2. Andrew Simmons

      The only coverage that gives you Pro Level Disc Golf and booger jokes! Hats the heck off!

    3. Robert Eichler

      hole 7... wouldnt a good forehand with a leopard be a play for birdie off the tee? seems like you could hug the right early, get the left movement off of it and end right with the understable disc? maybe a wombat3 if you have the distance

    4. Matt Doyen

      The bogie double bogie comment had me dying bro "you asked"

    5. Mike Weiss

      So that's what was going on there last summer, I was playing golf at kettlebrook right down the street! Know where I'll be going this summer!

    6. Keith Jones

      It will always be tough watching Ricky melt when Paul is chasing him.

    7. Elliot Spencer-Odd

      "Take the kid, I'll take a birdie" 😂

    8. Epileptic Dog

      Two words I never thought I'd hear together: Intimidating pond

    9. Steve

      This production is so well done. Glad I was lucky enough to see it in my feed

    10. Matt Wiebelhaus

      I don't know...what that did? Probably hit a tree.

    11. D Mac

      Y’all don’t need disc golf in the morning y’all need Jesus

    12. Jesse Duran

      Andrew Yang

    13. The Cynic

      More boogersin the other nose than you thought. Been their picked that

    14. The Cynic

      Hey on hole 5 someone needs to have a fishing pole in the pond and when final card comes through tell them shhhhh big bass in this pond

    15. The Cynic

      You said paul only missed 1 circle one putt. Hes missed several.

    16. The Cynic

      They should make hole 18 with the basket on the ground. No pole.

    17. The Cynic

      Can u make paul the lead on this channle he is so funny. I hope next year he controls this channle.

    18. Louis Brownell

      I don’t like OTB it’s for the business not for customers

    19. Damian C.

      Not for travel videos. You know; those that like to take a bunch of photos like a vacation tour. So what crappens? When get 23k page views and they not know what to do do do.

      1. Damian C.

        And then; they launch this television series thing. They is the ones that view.

      2. Damian C.

        They sell this backpack tour thing with ads for jobs...And a bag!

    20. Ross derer

      Hey love the channel! Please don't go to a split screen add on someones birdie putt tho. I can understand a par or bogie but come on show some respect for the talent.

    21. Eric Mykietyn

      “ what’s a double bogie bogie “ lmao

    22. Will Peterson

      can you link to the back 9 in the description?

    23. Kaylee Perez

      "He threw that perfectLY"

    24. Hangry Bear Gaming

      the hole dialogue feels a bit off.

    25. Austin Hamilton

      How do you guys even have the time to edit and everything and release quickly after play. Insane, great work guys.

    26. Hayden M.

      27:57 How many people do you think missed that one?

    27. NorCalSaint

      "To ride on someone's coattails means to become successful by attaching yourself to another's success. A person who rides someone's coattails is usually considered unable to attain success on his own" -- Would not say Paul fits into this definition

    28. John Anderson

      do one at farmville north carolina maybe i will be there to watch

    29. Tony Looper

      Jerm: "It's like if you think you have a lot of boogers in one nose, but you have more in another." Uli: "Double booger booger?" Jerm: "Double booger booger."

      1. George Wrathall

        I was laughing so hard! 😂😂😂

    30. Brendan Reid

      Good clickable ppl in the notes on the card but more Niko! Call up mike and get a sponsor to get jomez to flip city. I want more holes where players don't know what to do. Like REAL golf!

    31. Matt Smidebush

      Big Jerm - really appreciate you wearing the BLM shirt. Good on you.

      1. Dustin


    32. The Think Tank

      I like when they just do flyovers of the holes with commentary on the footage

    33. Savage Jay

      The commentary is way excessive

    34. Emily An

      Been waiting for this one. Your coverage and commentary is unmatched.

    35. Bomber801SI

      What are they throwing need to add that!

      1. Emily An

        LOOK AT THAT GUY IN 10TH AT THE TURN BOIII nice shirt too!

    36. Bomber801SI

      Where are all the discs!! Every online supplier is out of practically everything!!??

    37. zijuiy wttuy

      Been waiting for this one. Your coverage and commentary is unmatched.

    38. josh G

      Has anyone ever made the island in one shot on 9 in tournament play?

    39. Avery

      I didn't know Jim from the office commentated disc golf

    40. Andrew Converse

      Heimburg is my man

    41. Oblivion Lefty

      35:20, out of bounds??

    42. DMB2K12

    43. Gil Elhart

      Paul McBeth for an important 30' birdie putt as he tries to chase down the leader. We can't see it because that's when JoMez shrinks the coverage, commentary is cut out, and we are subjected to sponsor advertising. I know he doesn't miss inside the circle, but still... PLEASE shift your sponsor advertisements between holes and not during the play.

    44. bob anderson

      Calvin always looks so careless when he throws but always delivers.

    45. Adam Davenport

      Did the camera man get hit at 15:22?

    46. Sam Hoefert

      LOOK AT THAT GUY IN 10TH AT THE TURN BOIII nice shirt too!

    47. Jeff Meyers

      Huntington...Beach California

    48. Cody McBride

      The ads are out of control

    49. Miles Cooper

      I'm thinking of buying woodland in the UK and making my own disc golf course. Is there a big enough appetite for it this side of the pond though?

    50. EJ Noro


    51. Matt Alexander

      Rickey looks a bit different with the new haircut. Kinda pulling off this frat boy thing with the collared polo and boat shorts, looking fresh off Daddy’s yacht with his nine best friends. All of which are standing in his wedding when he marries his cheerleader GF, high school sweetheart, with no groomsmen, but all nine of his frat bros as his “best men.” I’d have to say, it’s honestly working out pretty well for him. Keep it up R Dub!

    52. Matt Alexander

      Kyle Klein should just change his name to Eagle McMahon V2. They must shop at the same outlet mall with a Sunglass Hut somewhere inside of it. Lol

    53. JJ Bryant

      “Take the kid, I’ll take the birdie” 😂😂

    54. NinJake


    55. Tommy Corsi

      Klein rocking that highly elusive Eagle Grip bag... love to see it!

    56. f_to_respawn

      Love the shirt Big J

    57. Jared Norton

      Uli has less and less chill every round when it comes to razzing jerm and I love it

    58. Connor McHale

      Don't mind the ads too much but would have been good to see Paul's putt on 4!

    59. Justin's Fern

      Take the kid! 😂

    60. Brooksy

      i like big sexy commentary da most

    61. Forehand Anhyzer

      Hell yeah Jeremy wearing the Black Lives Matter shirt. Positive vibes! Makes me like him more.

      1. Forehand Anhyzer

        @Mike Mango wow like okay, "MANGO," 150 years ago that's like 2 whole grandmas! Ancient history! Everything is fine now! Stay away from disc golf, you ignorant asshole.

      2. Mike Mango

        @Forehand Anhyzer oh my god really ..."forehand".... don't you have somewhere to go loot or burn.... every country in this world has had slavery at one point or time.....the last time i looked it was ......150 YEARS AGO.... in the USA .....if you don't like things the way they are leave......you won't..... because its the best place to live in the world....your just to stupid to see it

      3. Forehand Anhyzer

        @Jeremy AH cool statement! Black Lives Matter, bro! how is that a political statement other than it hurts your widdle ears and fee fees? Also, Liberty University is a leading program in disc golf and they were founded by Jerry Falwell, notorious racist, homophobe, bigot, and all around right wing shit head! They also believe the earth is 5000 years old. But you do you.

      4. Jeremy AH

        Disc golf isn't full of KKK members we don't need politics pulled into disc golf.

    62. Tiago André

      Do this with ur smartphones,

    63. Jason Smith

      Disc golf was the only pro sport not cramming their political views down your throat.

      1. Mike Mango

        @Jeremy AH yeah big jerm let me down with that shirt.....everyones life matters...not just one race

      2. Jeremy AH

        Yep Jerm has to subtly sneak it in there. Nothing is sacred anymore.

    64. Brian Ivins

      Kyle not only being able to throw with the likes of those guys. But doing a decent job of holding his own. Great job Kyle. Thanks for the great commentary guys.

    65. Mika Paananen

      I dunno what happened... i didn't care frisbee golf at all until this week when i was hungover at monday and found out that Frisbee Golf is a nice and soothing to watch.

    66. Mastashake

      What is Paul trying to prove? Holel three is the easiest sidearm in world's history, I've seen him do it for 15 years and he chooses a backhand. This is what I have noticed for all the 2020 rounds, I don't know why these are the decisions that he makes, but I feel like it's something to do with his sponsorship

    67. Mehul Patel

      35:38 - "In basket putt will go." -Yoda

    68. Ben Keip

      Love the shirt jerm!!!

      1. Jeremy AH

        @Ben Keip no - it's people making excuses for thugs and murderers by pointing out that said thugs and murderers are black, and then claiming that's the reason they got shot or killed or have bad lives. So therefore they defund the police and criminals run wild at everyone's expense, including all races. Explain then, why it would trigger you if I say, "All Lives Matter"?

      2. Ben Keip

        @Jeremy AH its not political, it is basic human equality

      3. Jeremy AH

        Ridiculous - we don't need politics brought into dg.

    69. C Hiebert

      Commentary is so good!

    70. Rollo Rising

      Why does the commentator giggle about nearly everything?

    71. Bianchi Matt

      The commentary is always so good with you two. Keep up the fire!!

    72. WC 'Strawberry' Fields

      0:25 Didn't know Big Jerm was a communist sympathizer. Yet, his hat signifies commercial enterprise...

      1. Jeremy AH

        Pretty sad that a cool guy like him is virtue signalling.

    73. Jonah Charles (Lurkngshadow)

      Who knew Cherdleys was so good at disc golf!?!

    74. Jose Boyer

      this just in, Big Jerm has two noses

    75. Britain Best

      Pretty annoying listening to Jerm sometimes.... Seems completely cocky and has that arrogant, judgemental personality. I know Ricky went off on him at last years Utah Open cause he just complains about a lot of small issues... I'm wondering if that's a consistent thing. 😴😴. Maybe it's just me but it's really hard to follow when he talks about how things should be.

    76. Mitchell Day

      I love jerm however black lives matter is a Marxist organization that wishes to destroy America.

      1. Alexander Karp

        Yeah its sad to see them jumping on the politics bandwagon.

    77. PeachesYoYo3

      I think we need regulation baskets for the tour. Some have a lot of spin outs or not enough chains to break it hitting the pole and going out

    78. Brad Lee

      big jerm breaking top 10 eh? thats whats up

    79. Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel

      Those MVP baskets are catching great 💸

    80. Brett Housman

      Thank you guys for the awesome coverage yet again.

    81. Mike Mango

      Jerm I loved you and Nate commentating....but Paul brings crazy dam humor.....love it.... sorry nate...miss u though....and Jerm don't bring your political views "T shirt" to the show...... sorry everyones life matters...... this is disc golf....you have to keep it lite and funny cause its way to dam frustrating playing the game.......Jomez Rocks..... no one else even comes close

    82. Clive Tupelo

      What a lead card...

    83. Van Damage

      Awesome coverage as usual. Hope you guys make it to 4k!!

    84. Emily Kearns

      Ricky is my fav

    85. Philip Shane

      Not enough said about Kyle staying solid and gaining position. Go young one!

    86. Matt McKechnie

      I was wondering if they were going to send Ricky back to the white tee drop zone after his putt ended up in the water.

    87. Brandon

      Always love the commentary guys!

    88. Brandon

      Jereme Koling really needs to start saying the right stroke counts. I know why he says its 1 stroke more than it is on every whole but its annoying to hear and in these events he's wrong and its misleading

    89. Matthew Allen

      Forgive me for being so pedantic, but isn't hole 1's green a peninsula and not an island?

    90. August Baur

      “What a great break,” “a lot of luck involved there”.....when are you guys going to start giving these guys credit. Is the lead card just always luckier than the rest of the field???

    91. landwolf00

      The ads were absolutely brutal on this video :(

      1. Miles Cooper

        Get youtube premium, dump spotify

    92. Din Togen

      Could we please start putting the names in order of how they show on the card in the title. That’d be great.

    93. Daniel Ward

      Heck yes

    94. Baron Richmond

      Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not a single soul: Paul Ulibarri: LET'S SEE HOW IT PLAYS OUT

    95. Chad Clark

      Fur..FARTHER!! You'll get it Paul. lmao

      1. Chad Clark

        Oh, and "he'll settle out of court for that any day" Sick reference bro.

    96. Hayden Fletcher

      Was Paul throwing a Raptor or force on that up shot on 7?

      1. Hayden Fletcher

        Whatever it was I need to try that 😅😅😅

    97. Spencer Dickensheets

      You heard it here first, folks. Big Jerm has two noses!

    98. Caleb Grizzlyman89

      I don’t like Kyles sunglasses

    99. Alex H

      29:40 Paul always cherry picks the best swirls man. To all manufacturers: PLEASE give us clear plastic swirled with opaque colors!

    100. Sean Perkins

      So what was the verdict on that issue that he went out of bounds on hole #8?