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  1. Mastashake

    These Geese need to get a room

  2. Heylo

    Ezra seems waaaay to hectic imo

  3. Kristian Møller Hansen

    Ezra footfault on 15? Id say there is.

  4. Mastashake

    These Geese have no chill

  5. Payton Ziegler

    Jerm is the worst thing about jomez

  6. Mastashake

    I don't even understand Calvin's stuff on Hole 5.

  7. гругин воргол

    Я ничего не понял. У неё муж то хоть есть или только эти вот диски?

  8. Mastashake

    The Geese on Hole 3 lol. Fighting, babies, stomping, tromping

  9. Matt Alexander

    I’m so pumped to see the coverage from today’s round (Saturday) with *Nate* _“The Sex Machine”_ AKA _“Sexting-Your-Mom”_ AKA _“Sexy”_ *Sexton!* Hope you played well under the _extreme_ *JoMez* _pressure_ with all eyes on you, *Natey Boy!!* However, I’m sure it has to be _insanely overwhelming, anxiety inducing, and incredibly difficult_ to perform at _that_ high of a level when you’re sharing the tee box with a few other people that _consistently COMPETE_ at the _HIGHEST_ level of play. *GOOD LUCK, PAST NATE!!*

  10. Ville Karaksela

    Not that I didn't enjoy every bit of this video, but what made my day was finding out in the end that we get to see Mr Sexton in the lead card for round 2! :D

  11. Core Mistir

    Anyone want some tacos 🌮 🤣🤣

  12. Christian Gallagher

    The equable notebook uniformly offer because vietnam interestedly level underneath a reminiscent sing. maddening, annoyed quail

  13. Dave Lizotte

    Love the action and fun. Nothing better than BigSexyUlli and Jomez.. But what's with Nate flipping his disc? I know it's 'just' a practice round but I'm so trying to teach beginners and advanced players that that is one thing you never do, ever!

  14. BNJ74D

    Règles COVID-19 ?????? 😆

  15. Travis Finucane

    Ezra's putt has so many moving parts. Super inconsistent

  16. powpronto

    Nothin like checking for goose poo throughout the day. At least there weren't any slips on camera.

  17. Jacob Ryan

    Next lead card is the truth 100%

  18. Justin Farias

    Thank you for posting these vids!!!!!

  19. Sappysongbird

    How many sports have announcers that are literally playing in the game they are announcing. We need some bee voices for jomez.

  20. Sappysongbird

    Bro we gotta get some new announcers

  21. Logan Emlet

    I love the BigSexyBarri team, but one of these media companies needs to get Calvin on commentary already

  22. Thomas Guinnip

    If everybody pars can we call it a parframe, like a star frame but way less cool

  23. Matt Alexander

    *Ezra Aderhold?* _More like…_ *AderSwole!* *AderFold-A-Putter* *AderRoll-A-Frying-Pan*

  24. oilfan pw

    Swim the Bobber couldn't have been any better placed on 15. He almost caught that disc

  25. Brian Gibeault

    It looks like Calvin straight up knocks a bug out of the sky with his ryhno upshot on #18. Bug got knocked the fugg out!

  26. Eugene David

    If Ezra would stop trying to flex so hard and just loosen up half his missed puts would be gold... get some shorts and a shirt that’s not so tight lol😂 Mcbeth out there looking like a stuffed cookie and he’s still doing great

  27. Colton Cammack

    James Proctor, hole 9, foot fault off the tee. He threw and his front foot was in front of the tee. Nobody saw that?

  28. bRUTUS

    Am I only one who notices static noice in Pauls mic?

  29. Aaron Bjorklund

    I feel for you Uli, I see your efforts. You did try to be nice so hard but they did not make it easy.

  30. Andrew Flaherty

    “Ezra Aderhold. Big course, big arms”

  31. Austin Koller

    wow, what a lead card coming up

  32. Gearheart

    Im still laughing at the 21:58 Paul blooper after three rewinds. @JomezPro we need the raw footage for meme material

  33. luke poisson

    3 commentators on disc golf is too much.. Also just because these guys are the “fan favorites” doesnt make it the best content or commentary. I’m sorry but someone had to say it....(excluding Uli... hes good people)


    Flight maps would be extremely helpful in understanding these longer holes. Thank you.

  35. Vardman Turner

    I'm hyped for this lead card tomorrow

  36. Movie night


  37. Priestialitÿ

    How can you not love Calvin....like seriously?

  38. Carl Hokes

    34:15 Sexton, You are the G.O.A.T in my book.

  39. heythatjusthappened

    Do 5 pushups each time you hear ‘roller’ and 5 sit-ups when you hear ‘air shot’

  40. Itsneight

    STACKED CARD for tomorrow, cant wait!... maybe one day we get to see Nate and Paul play doubles against Eagle and Ricky. Would be awesome.

  41. flopkin

    Ezra puts so much gas on his putts its ridiculous

  42. DiscGolfinSolace

    What the hell is Ezra wearing 🤣🤣🤣 Dude went from a surfer looking dude to a bootleg Paul mcbeth dressing wannabe

  43. EhrgeizVR

    Oh no, she looks inbred... Sad. 6:30 you're literally speaking gibberish bud. What the fuck are your trying to say?

  44. Jared Kelly

    Oh my goodness the ending of this is a masterpiece!!! I’ll never not watch a Jomez video all the way through again!

  45. Andrew Commons

    Nate saying, “gOOse alert” was my favorite part of the week 😂

  46. bluetarget

    love the fox pee reference! lolol

  47. Quinten Scott

    "or you can relax" - nate 😂😂

  48. Ceasar Jones

    Hey there, can we have the captions turned on? Thanks!

  49. Evan Waterstrat

    Keep the commentating to Jerm and Uli. Sexton is the most boring person I’ve ever listened to

  50. Nathan Welker

    From Big Sexy too Big Foxy, 😂😂😂

  51. PLUS skateboards

    this one one of the best cards to watch, these 4 players rule....

  52. Simon Smith

    stop putting mcbeth on these fucking feature cards

  53. Andrew Zinck

    Might I suggest adding a ‘woahmez’ feature for woah moments

  54. Al Markovich

    Please just one of these times let me click on the link for the Bushnell Edge rangefinder and they actually have it in stock. Not mad...just want one!

  55. Bentley Vang

    Ezra just has to dial his putting and he’d be deadly...

  56. Josh Alsip

    " A curmudgeonly old goat"

  57. flopkin

    "Calvin is a man that needs to grow a mustache. If Calvin had a mustache, anything is valid" lmao

  58. glovester

    Wait a second Nico only shot -1 on the entire back 9 based on the scores at the end. Imagine how peeved he must have been!

  59. Graham Baskin

    Ezra's form looks so weird to me! He's cool, it just looks like it shouldn't work

  60. Bailey Bell

    Calvin “im shanking everything” I wish I could shank everything and be 5 down after 7🤣

  61. Greg M

    Golf commentators needs to take some pointers from Big Jerm and Uli

  62. glovester

    30:45 fucking ripped it.

  63. Gary Dziubek

    Maybe the swimmer name is scuba Steve??

  64. JBreezy87

    Man Ezra has really been sucking it up this season

  65. Ryguy 23

    Are we just gonna ignore the guy in the water at 0:20?

  66. glovester

    the drone angles are so peaceful

  67. Captain Xorro

    Whenever you have a rough day, just be grateful you're not Ezra's disc when he's having a bad day.

  68. glovester

    20:20 - badass

  69. Yama Sultani

    was lucky enough to spectate this day of the tournament

  70. Jeremy

    Does anyone else get the feeling Calvin is a bad ass corn hole player.

  71. corallein

    Nate's gunning for Uli's "Ageless Wonder" title.

  72. Michael

    comment for good ALGORITHM